Daniel Bryan's Biggest Fans

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kooldip, May 17, 2014.

  1. I woke up this morning and decided to make this. Enjoy!

  2. lol wrasslin' fans
  3. LOL. Haters gonna hate. The vast majority of those comments deserved this only...

  4. Youtube comments are an endless fountain of entertainment, I like your idea. I thought the first comment made sense (would be an interesting angle if Batista was going to go for the belt), but the rest is standard YT stuff.
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  5. It's funny because most of the Bryan haters are his pre-WM supporters.
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  6. But wait! There's more!

  7. Typical IWC hipsters.

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  8. Can't stand hipsters.
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  9. I'm all for people having opinions that are different from mine. But hating someone/something just because it's become popular as a way to appear "edgy" or "hip" is just tiresome.

    Unless, of course, it's done with a terrific sense of ironic humor, at which point it has the potential to be extremely funny.

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  10. I still <3 Bryan. I'm not hipsterin'. :blackshock: :yay:
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  11. I don't care if people dislike a wrestler because they just don't like him, for whatever personal reason. If it's just because they're popular though and that's the only reason, then they're just stupid. Go back to licking the boots of some unpopular wrestler who probally sucks, but they like them due to not being popular.
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  12. 2:45 secs of my life il never get back ....awful
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  13. In defence of Hipsters, they find most of the good stuff before the mainstream.

    Oh and we have multiple WWEF hipsters, let's not alienate them :emoji_wink:
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  14. You got a good radio voice bro.
  15. You misspelled "defense".


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  16. It's "Defence" in the UK. Just because Chrissy Columbus slaughtered the natives and gave you a country doesn't mean you can tell me how to spell words.
  17. But...but....but.......

    we're b-b-b-b-etter!!!!!!!!


  18. Damn @Wacokid27 got burned! OUCH!
  19. :notsure:

    Ummm...y'all do know my initial post (the one correcting the spelling of defense/defence) was a joke, right?

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  20. Yeah, I just felt like stirring up some imaginary trouble.
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