News Daniel Bryan's Fans Are Ruining WWE Programming - Read Article Here

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ThunderdUp35, Feb 3, 2014.

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  2. I really don't think he is. I'm not his biggest mark by a long way, but I really liked his stuff with NJPW and ROH. Seeing the cattle mutilation makes me really happy (not entirely sure why)
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  3. Never compare Batista to The Rock and Michaels.....

    And yeah, fuck the fans and their free speech! :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. This is quite possibly the worst article I've ever read... here's why..

    and then listen to the first 2 minutes of this... where CM Punk says it's Daniel Bryan's year and he wants to see Bryan headline Wrestlemania

    The fans have nothing to do with Punk's departure and the storyline was written to make Bryan the ultimate underdog and to elicit the reaction the fans have given.
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  5. Hataaaaaaa lol thanks for the response and reading though. I know its a great article. what you meant to say is that you dont agree with the article. There, that makes you not sound rude and ignorant. Thanks for reading though, thats whats most important to me is getting views and responses haha
  6. Oh somebody better hold me back.
  7. I reported him already.. makes me sad that people can't take others challenging their opinions without getting their feelings hurt.
  8. Lmao your the one mad obviously " i reported him" lol ! For what? You're the on who attacked my article saying it was the worst you ever read... cmon bro that's rude and disrespectful. You need to find a way to get YOUR opinion across without being too emotional because you will get embarrassed like I just did you. I have the right to say whatever I need to after you attack my work instead of being a man and saying something in a positive way. Damn you people are WEIRD !
  9. No offence mate firstly I actually had no problems with your articles. Second though don't start spouting off about how great you are for writing said article. Makes you come across an arrogant fool. Congrats you get 20 million views fair play to you but no need to constantly tell us all and automatically assume you're better than us. We come to forums to debate as we realise what we write is personal opinion and therefore open to debate. Try defending what you wrote before insulting us as lesser beings.
  10. You write articles on a site that gets 20 million views a month? Really? With that awful grammar? C'mon man, everyone knows you don't leave spaces between words and exclamation points. Damn.

    As for the subject, I disagree. The wwe I supposed to cater to the fans, not themselves. If they fans want something, they have no choice but to do it. Fans = money. No fans = no money. Very simple
  11. I was going to read your article, but then I read the rest of your posts. Think I'll pass on this piece of wreslting literature.
  12. #HailLiam ! I'm a big Oasis fan. I don't take this stuff here serious. These guys are jerks BIG TIME ! I'm just a writer, posting his work and no one has a reason to call my articles the worst they ever read because they don't agree with it. It's childish and all I asked was for respect. I guess these kids can be tough online but hide in the dark in real life. Im not phony bro, never was and ill tell everyone what I got to say idc if I get blocked, this is not my life
  13. Another hater lol Thanks for the reply
  14. Umm ok lol doesnt matter to me
  15. Quoting a rare rain error!
  16. Not a problem. Wouldn't call it hating, more constructive criticism. Trust me, if you went and posted this on another site (you guys know which one) you would be banned in less than 15 minutes. I'd just say this - if you're gonna post your work here, expect some criticism.
  17. Link us to the articles you've written with a 20 mil readership?
  18. Ok well I don't care really. I have more work to do. Agree or not, i will only reply to people who are respectful and don't have to bash my work to feel better about their opinion. Im done talking about all of this okay, thanks for reading and giving your thoughts. This was not a negative experience because I write to get reads and start debates, not argue with people with nothing better to do with themselves on a Monday :emoji_slight_smile: Goodbye and enjoy people :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Is this going to be closed? I think this is going to be chaotic if it continues.
  20. Dude you are a moderator, Whats it matter to you? I said Rant Sports get 20 million visitors, you guys are weird man forreal whats your deal??