Daniel Bryan's running high knee FINALLY gets a name!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crimson, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Daniel Bryan's running high knee FINALLY gets a name!

    Bryan officially chose that name as "Knee Plus" on past week's SmackDown Backstage Pass post-show. He quoted, "Triple H says I'm a B+ player, well I'm going to knee him right in the face. If he thinks I'm a B+, I'm going to show him a Knee Plus.
  2. Will they just call it the ブサイク already?
  3. Why would they call it that? lol
  4. That's its original name.
  5. What is that Satan language? :mog:
  6. My native language.
  7. According to Google Translate that's Japanese and means ugly..... terrible name.
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  8. You use google translate. Problem right there. Simply put in Romaji, it's Busaiku. Given it does mean ugly, it's used in the sense of the knee kick to the face.
  9. upload_2014-3-3_13-55-19.jpeg
  10. shitty finisher, shitty name.
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  11. Only problem is that WWE is an American product, the majority of the marketing is toward Americans... using Japanese language to name a move would be silly. Although I also think Knee Plus is a silly name as well. Go with something generic like The Devastator! Feeble American minds will eat that right up.

  12. (the guy Bryan got the busaiku knee from. Also the guy Punk took the GTS from, Kenta invented the GTS)
  13. Hate the name really.
  14. I think I am the only one who really like this name. What's wrong with you, guys? Or, with me?! :troll:
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  15. I suppose you mean me when you speak of feeble American minds?
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  16. and anyone else with a feeble enough mind to think I was talking about them, Yes.
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  17. Knee Plus, huh?

    Could be worse. It could be called the Attitude Adjustment 2 or something.

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  18. Oh. Well carry on then.
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  19. Should just name it "The move that beat Cena clean"
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