Daniels' interview highlights

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  1. :yay:

    The full interview can be accessed here, or via iTunes.
  2. I like Daniels as much as the next guy, but heavyweight champ? He's not even as big as Punk. Tag titles and TV title is where he's most useful IMO.
  3. He who's name is Daniels, rules the entire League of Bosses.
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  4. :true:

    (Except it's "whose," not "who's." :testify: )
  5. OK, you've convinced me :lol1:
  6. Damn grammar. :dawg:

    Come for a face-off in MATH :steiner: you ...... YOU!
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  7. :lol1:

    But....but.... math is not my strong suit! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:arker:
  8. Oh you came alright....:maybe:
  9. How did you know?? :shock:
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