Other Daniels & Kazarian shoot trailers

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    Dis gun b guud

    Dis gun b guuder
  2. I enjoyed. Very informative and candid.
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  3. can't see the previews while I'm at work but when are the full interviews out?
  4. Trailers say right now.

    Tempted to order them. They dish out quite a bit of juice just in the trailer. Like TNA not paying talent but giving the red cross a 20 grand check and a top exec getting pissed when they asked "so when are we getting our paychecks, it's christmas?".
  5. buy em and upload em. post in legends section

    p p p preeeeeeeze
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  6. Sweet. Catching up on notifications from over the weekend and will have to check this out tonight after work. Thanks!
  7. Well worth the views coming from 'non-main eventers' who aren't looking to 'put their names out'.
    The business is more enjoyable when people like this are involved.
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    Damn, these trailers really got me pumped for this. Some really interesting things they say, it's obvious they can't stand Gaburick at all, lol. Dixie isn't getting the love too, lmao.

    Kaz's impression of Russo is quite awesome, btw.

    Will download this, mos def. I miss Bad Influence too much, their shenanings were pure gold. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Sometimes paying talent a few weeks late and not paying talent at all is not the same. TNA does first sometimes, never the other, just sayin'.
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  9. Claire Lynch on service
  10. Gay porn?
  11. ****-into-heel-turn porn
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