Daniels vs Kazarian - Future money feud?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 23, 2013.

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    That Kazarian and Daniels work well together will never be questioned. These guys hit bullseye so often with their antics they should be accused of quick scoping and wall haxx. Two of the most entertaining men in wrestling right now, real life good friends and quick witted speakers (who would have thunk that about Kazarian before all this started) and awesome in ring wrestlers. Currently they are THE tag team in TNA (sorry Dirty Heels, Bad Influence has been there longer) but could we possibly see a really good feud between these two one day?

    They might have run a program before I dunno but I would like to see them in a long program when this Bad Influence run ends. Ideally I would like to see it happen when both guys are elevated into the main event scene. I'd perhaps book it around the BFG series with both guys competing in it. Daniels advances to the final four but Kaz doesn't so he instead starts helping Daniels win his remaining matches. Daniels cheats his way to the finals and wins the BFG series and the WHC with Kaz's help. Kaz then wants a title match which Daniels refuses to give him. This can then go two ways. Either Kazarian going "heel" on Daniels for refusing his request (this would require some form of attack by Kaz on Daniels to put the crowds simpy on Daniels who has finally achieved the big one), or Daniels goes heel on his friend, throwing all his help to the wayside. This would also need some kind of action to put the simpy on Kaz.

    I believe a feud between these two would give us some great matches, mic segments and overall content due to the history between the two being built.

    Do you like the idea of Daniels and Kazarian feuding down the line?

    How would you book it/start it?
  2. I like these two as a team but I know that they can be great rivals as well. Daniels and Kaz had a great year but Daniels was the better man actually, Kaz was a bit like his sidekick. Maybe, later on this can be a reason for this feud. These two has a great in ring chemistry as a team and I believe they will have a great chemistry as rivals as well. This feud may happen this year but I hate to see Fortune members each other.
  3. Do you like the idea of Daniels and Kazarian feuding down the line? - :yes:

    How would you book it/start it? Remember how they teased Kaz breaking away from during those incredible matches with AJ and Angle ( :fap: to those btw ) I'd run it similar to that, the most important thing is Kaz going face mainly because heel Daniels gives a great rub, I'll do the Heyman analysis now.

    Who are these guys? Former tag team champions and best friends

    Why are they fighting? Daniels has focused too much on himself and taken the spotlight from the equally egotistical Kaz, he wants to break out of the shadow of Daniels who won't let him out as Chris believes he's above him. The feud would trigger by them trying to one up each other in tag matches at the end Kaz has an opponent up for the fade to black and Daniels walks in and low blows him before rolling up their opponent. Daniels walks up the ramp shouting I win Kaz not you.

    Why should you care? To see if Kaz can outshine Daniels after all.

    It's basic as I cba elobarating but in 2/3 years I'd like something like this to be run.
  4. I don't to be honest. Both are tremendous/great/awesome heels, but they aren't nowhere near as great as babyfaces. None of them. Kaz is bit better, but not mind blowing.

    I don't see it happening. Hopefully when they're about to split up, they bump fists, hug it out and move on.
  5. I'd like the idea but not for now tbh. Maybe after they win again the tag titles...

    It could start after they lose the title match, they try to regain but they're a little bit angry between them, they don't win and in a backstage promo Daniels kicks Kaz in the face and then it all starts but this looks like a lot to the WWE stuff
  6. Let them be a tag team for a while. Once Daniels decides he's had enough of full time wrestling have Kaz win e TV or X title. Daniels jealousy gets the better of him and he challenges Kaz. Kaz wins a few matches, Daniels then challenges Kaz to a loser leaves town match.
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing it, but I would honestly prefer they become linchpins for the tag division for the next 2+ years or so. It seems like a rarity these days that tag teams stick together for any extended period of time, and considering how entertaining these two are I don't see why they should split. I think they are merely scratching the surface on their potential as a tag team. They should have 4 or 5 more reigns as champs of the tag division at least.
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