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  1. Well guys, most of you know me. For those of you that don't. I joined a few years back when Bryan started to make waves in the wwe. I was and will always be a Bryan mark. I annoyed you with my over the top excitement for him, I argued blindly that he was the best ever. I told Gohan that punk was a swagger jacker, and there is only one king of the IWC, there is only one king of the indies, aND that man was The American Dragon Bryan Danielson. I didn't know people outside of my ROH slob buddies that loved him as much as I did. You know how he mentioned about wrestling in the parking lots of gas stations? Well, me and my buddies would be outside those gas stations waiting to see him wrestle. One thing that drew us all to him was his overwhelming sincerity when he said thank you for coming to see me. When he sold his indy shirts, he would sign them for us. He would give us pictures when we had no money and he was supposed to charge. He is the man, he is the legend. He is the GOAT, maybe not as decorated as hogan, flair, hbk, but none of them will ever love us as much as we love them. Bryan loved us, he loved wrestling. With that said, I no longer have a reason to watch wrestling. I didn't watch wwe for several years until Bryan arrived, I was just into going to bummy indy shows and seeing Bryan kick some fucking heads in. Anyways, I'm announcing my retirement from wwef, yall have been great. I hope I made a few of you laugh and I know I've made some real life friends which I engage with on a regular basis via txts, fbook, etc. I hope I did for you what you did for me. I love ya all, take it easy, see ya on the other side.
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  2. But we still have Roman Reigns :reigns:
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  3. I felt the same way when Taryn retired :haha: stick around for the fantasy football and the baseball shit. We need a pathetic Mets mark and you fit the bill.
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  4. :no:

    Don't leave bro. There's plenty of us don't really care for WWE (or wrestling in general), we just come on here to fuck around. I mostly come here to shit on Lockard, annoy D'Z, sports section/locker room and to post dumb threads about dumb people/the Jews. Oh yeah and the Pokemonz. Point is, the forum is still chill even if you aren't into Rasslin.
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  5. See you in a week or two. :cool:

    "Retirements" on online forums generally have about the same life span as they do in wrestling - Not very long.
  6. Don't leave, Danny.

    Look, I know how you're feelin', bro. I took a break from wrestling back in 2011 when Edge retired, I was a huge mark for the guy and I was like "Fuck this wrestling thing, then." I was so devastated, so I quit watching, but then I missed out on some good stuff in wrestling.

    Now... DB's health obviously comes first, so we shouldn't cry because his journey is over, we should be grateful it happened!

  7. You don't need to watch wrestling to enjoy this place homie. I've watched 3 wrestling events in the past 1.5 years. Royal Rumble 2015, Mania 30, and RR 2016. You think I'm going to let that give people a reason to not have to deal with me around here? hell nah
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  8. We wouldnt have it any other way.
  9. Imagen quitting because a wrestler retired. But hey, waddaya gonna do, I wish you all the best.
  10. I have only just got back into wrestling apart from wwe. I was still posting on here as this is a great place to chill and have a Laugh.
    More then just a wrestling forum.
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  11. Quitting a forum over a wrassler who hasn't been active in a while seems dumb but whatevs. Take care!
  12. Too rood.

    Honestly, you don't have to quit over a wrestling retiring. 90% of this forum doesn't watch wrestling anymore. But thanks for the greatest moments I've had on this forum, ever.

    So long woodwarrior.
  13. All the best.
  14. @Dolph'sZiggler You're a 32-year-old who gets no pussy. That's why you're here. Daniel, gtho this pathetic forum. You're better than this, kid. Go live your life. Don't be like these rats who rot away in their parent's basement.
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  15. I still have 0 clue who the fuck you are.
  16. Legend w/ 5000 posts... :kermit:
  17. Champagne Papi.
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  18. Your heat game is weak. Donald Trump is loved by the smarks, you'll get no hate here.
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