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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Dec 20, 2012.

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    CM Punk: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is 103 FM and is our second edition ever of this broadcast. Yesterday we had an Alien, deth and we uh talked a bit with him. Today, our guest is from Ohio, his name is Danny, father of two, It's great to have you here Mr. @[Danielson].
  2. Great to be here sir! How are you?
  3. CM Punk: I'm fantastic Danny, it's a pleasure having you as our guest. So tell me, how did you become a fan of Professional Wrestling?
  4. MJ right? :dawg:
  5. Of course [​IMG]
  6. ? Flicks channel to see if some 80s mix is on
  7. CM Punk: Mr. Danielson?
  8. My uncle was a huge wrestling fan. I went over to his house when i was about 10 years old for wrestlemania and it was Michaels vs stone cold. (with Mike Tyson as special enforcer) Not a bad way to get hooked
  9. CM Punk: That sounds very interesting, we hear that you're a parent of two, how is it raising two young angels?
  10. It's great. I only get to see them once every other weekend though. It's hard , not raising them,but trying to get a long with my ex. She is persistent on times and all of that junk. I have to mind my p's and q's. I love them though with all my heart.
  11. CM Punk: Hope you could see them more, anyways how did you learn about this forum and what lead you to stay and become a very known and active member?
  12. Well, it starts on twitter. Instead of posting in forums, I was posting on twitter. I ran into a girl named Britanica and whenever she would post about the wwe she'd be among the one's id respond too. One day she posted a link to a forum and I followed it and the rest is history.
  13. CM Punk: Yes Britanica, I almost kicked her out here from the station cause she was interrupting my interview. :aries:
    So, we here you're a big fan of Daniel Bryan, what are your thoughts of him and why are you a fan?
  14. Man CM Punk you are a boring interviewer
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  15. Yo, the good questions come later.
  16. Daniel Bryan is the best in the world in the ring at the moment. His mic skills have vastly improved as well, and to me, he is downright hilarious. I'm his fan because of seeing him doing ROH shows in ohio as Bryan Danielson aka THE AMERICAN DRAGON. I was able to meet him and shake his hand once as well.
  17. We want more questions regarding his sex life.
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  18. CM Punk: I bet you didn't wash that hand, now we have Dolph's right here saying I'm a boring interviewer, but it doesn't matter what he thinks! :rock:
    During your duration here, who are your top ten members?
  19. :yes::yes::yes::yes::woo1: