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    Recently danielson rated a post of mine dumb. It was in regard to Aaron Hernandez's indictment. All I said was that I went to same gym as Hernandez and that I worked out with him. Maybe he didn't believe it or something. I am from foxboro, ma and there are many patriot players that reside in my town. So living in this small town, you do see many players around. During the nfl strike players were not allowed to use the nfl facilities. Hernandez lived a short distance away from away Gillette stadium and there was a golds gym right down the street so he trained there for a short time. It was not a large gym so sometimes people would work in with you on something. Just so happens that Hernandez worked in with me multiple times. I thought he was kind of jerk just by the way he carried himself. I was not name dropping or making it up. So why is my post dumb danielson? Give me a legit reason other than you don't believe it. Maybe you are a fatty, have never been to a gym before, and don't understand what working in means. Maybe you were just messing around. Idk. Please digress.
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  2. Lol what?
  3. Can you read?
  4. I don't think he questioned you meeting AH, I think he just thought it was irrelevant information.
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  5. Okay sir grumpy pants but you do know there is a conversation button you can use to ask him personally right? It's much easier then causing un-needed drama.
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  6. My bad had to edit that....you can read
  7. The dumb rating is gone, don't worry about it.
  8. who cares about ratings anyway? TGMI can click the dislike button on my posts until his fingers bleed for all I care
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  9. I love drama and it is needed
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  10. Let Danielson answer for himself
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  11. I just texted him. He sent back "Because he touches himself at night"
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  12. I like being rated dumb when I make dumb posts. That was not a dumb post or irrelevant.
  13. Lol wow good one. Does he have any new jokes or just jokes from 10 years ago?
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  14. He texted me "just jokes from 10 years ago.... your momma"
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  15. Closing this. If you have a problem, you take care of it in PM's with the staff, myself or the boss man Solidus.
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  16. Ah I see @Solid Snake got to this before I could. You want to get Danny's comments PM him man. This has no place out in the public like this. You've been warned.
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  17. You guys are buzzkills, they could've handled it like men right here.

    P.S: The user @CM Punk sucks.
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