WrestleMania Dare to Dream?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 26, 2016.

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  1. Lets all fantasy book endings to Wresltemania 32 and afterwards.

    Now I believe the World Title match should have Stone Cold as guest referee, but not for a passing the torch type of shit. That would suck. I have a better idea.

    The crowd will be drained after Ambrose vs. Lesnar and Undertaker vs. Shane. You need some crazy shit to get this last match over.

    So the title match is good, both guys back and forth. Roman has offense as much as Hunter so he isn't shit on for being a Cena. Now Roman has the advantage, hits the punch and he's ready to hit the spear, Triple H stands up and just when he is about to go...


    The crowd will LOSE IT going crazy. Triple H pins Reigns 1... 2... 3! Still WWE Champion.

    Next night on Raw Reigns is pissed, Austin explains like he said in reality, Reigns isn't ready because he can't get the crowd behind him. A killer tag match is made for the main event of Raw: Reigns and Ambrose vs. Triple H and Brock Lesnar. This match does go on, Lesnar and Hunter actually compete. Then Ambrose gets the advantage and just when is about to his Triple H with the Dirty Deeds... SPEAR TO AMBROSE, Reigns turns heel and everyone with LOSE IT AGAIN.

    I would love to see that happen. Anyone with any fantasy booking thoughts?
  2. I've said before that I think it might be Reigns w/ the Rock in his corner vs HHH w/ HBK in his and then Austin as the ref. Just to really get people invested in the match with arguably the 3 greatest performers included
  3. I can't see them doing this but I would welcome Reigns getting stunnered any day of the week!
  4. Trips retaining at Mania is just wishful thinking and nothing more. Get over it, folks. Reigns is going to win, which is fine by me.
  5. I also had a few shower thoughts that'd be cool for mania:

    Rock faces Bray Wyatt

    Instead of Shane competing he has Finn Balor take his place and we get an even crazier cell match

    @Prince Bálor @Neptune

    thoughts homies?
  6. Calling Finn up wouldn't work, there's not enough time unfortunately.
  7. Doesn't matter how they'd build it, everyone would be asleep by time he got to the ring.
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  8. Well the roster is mad thin, we are gonna need some time filled
  9. Think Taker and H's entrances should fill up enough time
  10. If they want to save Bray, he would have to beat the Rock and that wont happen.
    Also I would like to point out that you were thinking about grown men in the shower...

  11. Uggg I forgot about that. Undertaker's entrance will be longer than the entire Divas match.
  12. I think take and triple h should have a combined 2 hour entrance. Best mania ever
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