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  1. It was announced awhile back that Daredevil would be coming to Netflix at some point in the future.. well as of today Netflix has announced the release date for their TV series involving the Marvel character.. On April 10th, 2015 the series will make its debut by adding all 13 first season episodes to the streaming service.

    The series will star Boardwalk Empire's Charlie Cox in the titular role, and is inspired by the "Man Without Fear" run of the comic book created by Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr. And as is becoming a Marvel tradition, the company hinted that you can expect to see a lot more in the way of teases between now and April.

    With the announcement of the release date came the release of the poster to tease it..

  2. I'm going to give this a try but I can't say that I'm excited about it...

    4 main reasons are...

    1.) Choice of lead actor
    2.) Choice of actor playing Kingpin
    3.) Black (Shadowland) costume being used instead of the standard and well known red
    4.) No Bullseye

    Like I said, I'll watch the first episode or two and see what I think but my expectations are extremely low.
  3. It's Netflix/Marvel's first exclusive series, the casting overall doesn't seem that bad, I'll most likely splurge out and marathon the whole first season on opening day to be completely honest.

  4. Nothing fancy just a guy in a sweatshirt walking into a room pretty much lol.. 15 second teaser though.. I can't wait til they show something I'm actually going to like.
  5. Full trailer is supposed to be released sometime tomorrow.
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  6. Saw the teaser trailer for this today. Looked pretty damn good.
  7. Slick trailer. I like the Frank Miller costume. I'm interested to see if they go for the yellow costume at all or go straight to the red look after this.
  8. I'll be binge watching the SHIT out of this when it releases
  9. Yeah. It drops on a Friday. I imagine I'll get through at least 4 episodes on Friday. The rest over the weekend as time allows.

  10. They're two men trying to make their city a better place... Can't wait.
  11. Thanks! Can't wait for the show!!
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  12. Me neither, I want to watch it on the same day it comes out but that might be a marathon I save for 4/20.
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  13. There you go. I like the cut of your jib
  14. Personally I know I will watch all of Daredevil twice before Age of Ultron. Already got my tickets for that
  15. Just got finished watching the first episode.. if the rest are as good as the first then this is definitely going to be good, I should finish the whole season by tomorrow and I'll report back then.

    But great job so far!
  16. Im finishing up the Tomorrow people (7 episodes left) and then I'll binge that.
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