Darius Wright

Character Name:
Darius Wright

Nicknames (optional):
The Dark Traveler, DW, D-Dub Mr. Wright
[Phase 2 monikers for the future]: *** ***** ******, *** ***** ***

Representation (picture and name of person please):
Michael Jai White

Los Angeles, California


6 foot, 1 inch

243 lbs.


Gimmick & Backstory:
Darius Wright grew up in a loving home...which would soon take a turn for the worse. For on one dreadful afternoon, his life was spared but his parents and home weren't as an electrical fire burned them to ashes. This would be just one of a few tragic points in Darius' life...and he was only 4 years old.

Tormented by both guilt and despair, Darius was picked on for years by the kids in his foster home. That was until...he allowed the rage within him to fight back. It wasn't long before Darius would turn to a life of crime with the thugs, the gangsters and lowlifes.

And at age 18 when Darius 'aged out' of foster care, he was kicked out that same day. He was out looking for somewhere to live when he was surrounded by a group of teenage boys from the foster home. Darius tried to fight them all off but they overpowered him in the attack.

This was the moment when Darius' life would change once again. The brawl was broken up by this older Black guy who took Darius somewhere to tend to his wounds. The two of them talked for hours getting to know about each other.

The older gentleman offered Darius a place to live, food and taught him ways to fight. Taking an enjoyment to fighting, Darius went on to learn boxing and martial arts skills to become a street fighter. Many years later, Darius Wright was making a name for himself as an underground fighter.

But the one night, the older gentleman/his teacher/trainer/confidant ended up dead. The questions from the public were "Why? Why would that young man kill the man who took him in?", "What logical reason could there be?" and "Who could do such a thing to a great guy?". Of course, this was all speculation from neighbors and people who knew the older gentleman but nothing ever was confirmed as murder or the fault of one, Darius Wright.

So with nowhere and no one to turn to, he went on to fight for money and travel across the US. Darius was starting to create a reputation for himself within the streets and underground world. He had heard about this wrestling environment that many people were often speaking about, so he decided to challenge himself by joining other fighters and wrestlers at this company...for both destruction and redemption.

In-Ring Attire:
black/white/gray Lonsdale gloves

black and white Lonsdale shorts

black and white Lonsdale boots

Entrance Attire (if applicable):
Sometimes Darius will come out wearing a black t-shirt with the words, "FEARS...NOTHING!" in big bold white letters and he removes the t-shirt before each match.

Theme music:
Scared Of The Dark by Jeezy

Entrance (optional):
And now we get some routine power failure as the lights in the furthest sections from the stage all cut off then the middle sections and finally the sections close to the stage. A few seconds of darkness and we hear this…

...which makes the audience cheer as they wait for The Dark Traveler to come out. Once the intro is done, the music begins to play and these white lights all over the arena start to flicker to each word in the bridge of the theme song. And finally, the lights return with Darius Wright stepping out onto the stage.
At first, he is smiling at the disapproval from the fans as he now sports tinted specs and the title on his shoulder is covered by a black velvet, half shoulder cape. He then does his slow stroll with his grim expression, looking out over the entire crowd, nodding his head at them and then tugging at the top of his sleeveless t-shirt that reads “FEARS...NOTHING!”. DW makes his way down the ramp, up the ring steps and through the top and middle ropes. The lights are still flickering to each word in the bridge of Jeezy’s Scared Of The Dark. When he gets in the center of the ring, Darius takes a moment and confidently dust off his hands with this hint of a smirk right before handing the referee his covered title belt, removing his shirt and specs then tossing them aside.

In-Ring Style:
Street Fighter/Mixed Martial Artist

Dark Cloud (Inverted Front Powerslam/Dominator, this is setup using a spinning back kick to the midsection)

Pitch Black (Discus Clothesline)

The Reaper's Clutch (Locoplata)

Sweet Revenge (Dragonwhip)

Bedtime Story (Sleeper Suplex)

The Wright Way (Running High Knee)

Other Common moves:
Striking Moves: Backhand Chops, Mongolian Chops, Elbow Drops, Forearm Drops, Leg Drops, Bionic Elbows, Back Elbows, Elbow Smashes, Forearm Smashes, Flying Forearm Smashes, Knee Strikes (with hands interlocked behind the opponent's neck), Double Knees (with hands interlocked behind the opponent's neck), High Knees, Back Kicks, Scissors Kicks, Super Kicks, Dropkicks, Double Mule Kicks, Enzuiguiris, Back Fists, Mounted Punches, Forehand Chops, Double Slaps, Punch Combinations, Stinger Splashes

Grapples/Throws: Double Knee Armbreakers, Back Body Drops, Tornado DDTs, Facebreaker DDTs, Irish Whips, Hip Tosses, Hurricanranas, Shin Breakers, Inverted Facelock Neckbreaker Slams

Submissions: Front Chancery, Wrenching Full Nelson, Side Headlock, Hammerlock, Cross-armed Surfboard, Ringpost Figure-Four Leglock, Triangle Chokehold, Fujiwara Armbar

High-Flying Moves: Somersault Leg Drop, Frankensteiner, Flying Thrust Kick
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