Dark Knight Trilogy

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. So my husband got the Dark Knight trilogy on blu-ray.
    We are going to watch them this week.
    Which one of the 3 do you think is the best?

    Me and him some what agree that the first one is still the best one.
  2. Dark Knight is the best, Ledger is a beast in it.
  3. Batman Begins for me.
  4. I would have to say Spiderman 2 was pretty good. I liked the new one also.
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  5. Part 2 is the best one, followed by part 1. IMO part 3 is a distant third.
  6. :annoyed:

  7. The Dark Knight seemed like a separate movie. 1 & 3 had a lot to do with each other. I personally liked the Dark Knight the most
  8. 3 was a great film but compared to the first 2 it was just okay.

    My ratings:
    one - 9.5/10
    two - 9/10
    three - 8/10
  9. :no: :no: :no: BATMAN > SPIDERMAN!!! :angry:
  11. :idontcare:

    Batman > Spiderman
  12. Can Batman do this?



    Spiderman >>> Batman
  13. We both know that you're gonna watch them all so why not just start from the first one, followed by the second and third?..
  14. :dawg: She just asked our opinion on which is the best. She said she was going to watch them all with her husband
  15. Dark Knight - Ledger was stupidly good.
  16. Batman is a normal man, he is not a "superhero". He just has money and vengeance. I typically don't like "superheros". Batman is more realistic then Spiderman is. I like Superman more then Spiderman for the simple fact that he's an alien, not a human who was transformed into something on earth.
  17. Further more... You can take away the Bat suite and Bruce still has billions, fighting skills and is the greatest detective of all time! Take away the spider and you are left with a weak, awkward NERD!
  18. Re: RE: Dark Knight Trilogy

    Depends on how you'd define superhero tbh, he has superhuman observational and detective skills and isn't that what a superhero is, being above the norm?
  19. I suppose if you look at it that way but we have real life genius' and we don't consider them superheros... Just having a super human mind.
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