Dark match: Sami Zayn vs Neville

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, May 20, 2014.

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  1. From tonight's main event. Music is popped over the crowd during the entrance.
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  2. Decent match from the two NXT superstars for sure, would've liked to hear the crowd's reaction to both of them but I'm pretty sure it was just a Neville-fest if I'm not mistaken which if it was I'm glad for Sami Zayn's sake, both deserve cheers :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Neville is so meh to me.
  4. I can see it; that's how I feel until he launches the red arrow; that move alone is going to get him on the roster :/
  5. Thanks for sharing Stop. Appreciate it. :bodallas:
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  6. I worry about Neville on the main roster. The Red Arrow will only get him so over before people stop being interested in him. I think he can get better, but it's going to take him time.

    Zayn is easily one of the most main-roster-ready guys in NXT. He'll be another Jericho/HBK/Daniel Bryan type because he sells out for the fans and he's got a real capability to get over on the mic. If WWE lets him, he'll end up being a big star.

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  7. Zayn is fantastic as said we all know what he can do and its just a waiting game for a time for him to showcase his talents.

    Neville I like as well tons of potential imo and could hopefully become a decent star as well. His accent may be an issue but I have faith as he seems like one who will graft that he can ivercome the odds.
  8. I agree with both statements here; absolutely that finisher will only get him so far.. While the Red Arrow may get him onto the Main Roster it will definitely not take long before people start looking for a little something more and that could definitely cause him to get lost in the roster unless he develops more of an arsenal.

    as for Zayn; he's been around the block he knows wrestling he's got charisma he's got plenty of mic work he's simply the best candidate IMO to be the next successful person on the main roster currently in NXT. At 29 this is the perfect time to call him up, he's not that young and he's not extremely old so we can definitely get a lot of life out of him as far as career in the WWE goes. I'm anticipating great things for him and really hopes the WWE puts faith in him, he's shown time and time again he has the ability to put on longer matches.
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    By WWE standards, meaning both the age of the roster and that guys who can stay healthy can continue to wrestle into their 40's (look at how good in the ring Daniels is at his age), Zayn is really, really young, and already so damn good. No reason why he shouldn't be making this company a ton of money in the future.

    The main issue with Neville will be the big issue most flyers have - how much will their moveset be watered down? With Neville, he can't just rely on the Red Arrow, he needs to do crazy stuff throughout the match too. And we saw in this match that that's exactly what he's going to do.
  10. Another factor for guys who make high flying their bread and butter is time meets wear and tare. High flying takes a heavy toll on the body and if you only do high flying high tempo stuff your body will take even bigger beatings.

    Ricochet, an independent high flyer who is even better at it than Neville has started toning down his high flying due to pain (and he's only 25) so that he can have as long a career as possible and not end up like the dynamite kid or Rey Mysterio
  11. This made me look up ADR on Wikipedia. He's six months younger than me.

    Thanks. Now I feel old. :okay:

    But, seriously, that's a great point. The guys who stay in the "minors" (whether that's NXT or the indies) until they're in their late-20's/early-30's tend to do well. They generally know how to work a crowd (although some still have a hard time with the WWE crowd...Austin did), know how to work a match, and know what they can and can't do. I think Zayn (I almost typed Generico) is at the perfect age to be brought up to the main roster and it's the perfect time in his career. He's at (if not a little ahead of) where Bryan was at when he was called up (in fact, I want to say Bryan was 27 or 28, but I don't remember exactly).

  12. Someone told me ADR was 44, so I was under that impression. I'll go up there and edit that post. :otunga: Besides, you're still 27 to us all. :emoji_slight_smile:

    You're absolutely right with the rest. It's the perfect age and the perfect time to do so soon (although keeping him on NXT for a while will be fine as he's a great guy to push that brand). Never before has likability and athleticism meant as much as they do now, as long as he's used well (and Zayn seems to be in the mold of the guys they've liked to push lately) Generico's gonna do great up on Raw.
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  13. Zayn can work a great match and can also cut some good promos, besides being just overall a very likeable personality. Neville can tear it up in the ring but how does that make him different from an Evan Bourne, for example? I'm sure Neville can have a nice spot on the midcard these days, but unless he really brings his game up on promos/character I don't see much else for him.
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