Dark Souls II

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by RoyalRaven, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. With this game fast approaching it's 14th of March release, is anyone else other than me hyped up for this? I mean I loved the first one because not only was it challenging, but it was a nice treat away from the yearly "AAA" Titles they shoveled out. This new one is supposed to be much more difficult, which has me excited!

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  2. I mean I'm excited as it's another good game I can finally play on next gen, but otherwise, not really. I always thought the game was slightly overrated by its fans to be honest. I'll be sure to play it and complete it, but it's not even in my top 5 of games.
  3. I wasn't a hardcore enough gamer for the 1st game... I remember breaking a controller while playing it when I threw it across the room after dying 20 times in 30 minutes. Just wasn't my thing.
  4. So pumped I was playing Dark Souls today. Can't wait. Although more difficult? I die quite a bit in the original lol.
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  5. Never got into that game, what kind of game is it?
  6. I'm extremely excited, although I'm a little worried too. Apparently it's already got the nickname Casual Souls. I was hoping it would be harder than Dark Souls, but it looks like they might be dumbing it down a little. Enemies don't even respawn anymore, unless you feed a certain item to a bonfire. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand it would limit overleveling, but on the other it would make areas extremely easy to pick off enemies one at a time. Plus I heard that lots of boss fights will be recycled from the first one.

    But yeah, very excited. I'm replaying Dark Souls right now because I can't wait. Already played it on Xbox an PS3, but I don't play consoles anymore so I got it on Steam as well. I know the game almost back to front by now, every item, every enemy. Hard to believe how hard the game is when you first play it and how easy it is once you figure it out. The only times I ever die is when I accidentally roll off a cliff or something. I even did a pyromancy speed run in just over six hours, lol. That's no where near as good as some people, but not bad. But that's what's so awesome about the game, the richness. There's a million different ways you can play it and have fun with it, and it's always rewarding. No other game like it, IMO.
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  7. It's kind of gothic horror action adventure. It's unique, so you can't really compare it to anything else, aside from Demon's Souls. It's the kind of game where you repeatedly die every step of the way. Lots of trial and error. No story, unless you look for it. It's all about the atmosphere and difficulty.
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    It's on 360.

    Yeah, me too! I've managed to do 6 playthrough's betweeen 3 characters! So I'm really looking forward to this one!

    I've kept away from spolers alot, so I've only been told it's being made a little more difficult! The one thing I have had spoilt is the Mirror Knight convenant, where he summons you to help kill players trying to kill him, I'm excited by that!

    I really struggle to use Pyromancy, I'm more into Sorcery, It's so broken at the start of the game! Plus I ended up making her do Pyromancy too, getting all the spells is a bitch though D:! Can't wait to see what the mage is like this game!
  9. It ain't on next gen? Oh wow, not getting then. Fuck dattttttttttt.
  10. You mean current gen right? Besides it doesn't involve shooting people or kicking a football around so you probably weren't going to get it anyways.
  11. Why are you such a defensive person? Jesus Christ. You're so damn insecure when someone talks about gaming to you lmao.

  12. It's just the fact that because it's not on Xbone/PS4 you don't seem fit to give it a try, That's what I was referring to. There is totally no need to get so mad defensive at the fact I'm sure that most of the games you play either include shooting or kicking a football, I'm not saying it's a bad thing by any means, it's just such a waste to dismiss something you might like because it's on a console that's still being made!
  13. So you assumed something and got incredibly defensive about it? The majority of games I play are games that I play online with friends; so yes, FPS and FIFA are played most, but it's not the majority of games that I buy. You just assumed something because you got incredible defensive. I'm not the biggest Dark Souls fan. I think it's overrated, boring at times, and definitely not worth me setting up my 360 again just to play it. If it's not on the one, no thank you.
  14. I used the knolwedge of what I know about you and made a statement, I also play alot of games online with my friends and we have a huge variation of games we play from RTS, TBS, RPG, MMO, Adventure, Platforming, Arcade Racing, FPS and whatever else we can get our hands on. The point I'm trying to make (Not Via Status) is that unlike other posters, you clearly weren't interested in Dark Souls and thus posting in the thread was kinda pointless. Feel free to write more bitchy status's about me "Sucking" at gaming, when I'm totally willing to give games a chance even if it's something I'm not that interested in.
  15. I didn't like the first Dark Souls because of its stupidity. I won't like the second because of its stupidity. My point is: Its STEWPID.:kratos:
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  16. You're lost. Literally lost. I'm gob smacked at how retarded you're being.
  17. Well you know, I do suck at games, must be because I play all them Kiddy games right?
  18. Pretty sue Crayo's point in his first post is that there aren't many good games currently out for next gen consoles...
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  19. Can we just all get along, after all they are JUST video games. *turns face*
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  20. They need to do something about Xbone. We can't even play a damn game of FIfa together.
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