Darrelle Revis (finally) traded to Tampa Bay

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snowman, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. -ESPN

    2013 first + most likely a 2014 3rd for the best cornerback in the league.
  2. Absolutely ridiculous that the Jets would take such a shit trade. This draft is the worst in a while and next year won't be any better.
  3. I saw this trade coming for quite some time. I didn't see him staying in New York with only one year left on his contract with a very depleted Jets team. They need those draft picks to try to build for the future.
  4. WOW, that's all I can say. The jets are fuckin ass.
  5. Totally agree with everything above. The Jets needed the cap room and the picks to build for the future, but what can you get with those picks? Anyone in this draft is a MASSIVE downgrade from Revis...

    Where does this put Tampa though? Their roster looks awesome right now.
  6. Good moves for both teams.

    For NYJ: Revis clearly doesn't want to be there any longer, is coming off an ACL and is in the last year of his deal + wants to be paid like he is still 24 and has a clean bill of health. He is neither 24 nor does he have a clean bill of health, so they deal him for draft picks. They have been shopping him forever now, so I can safely assume the 1st + 3rd was the best they were going to get for him. Not bad, all things considered. And honestly it comes right in time for the Jets. Next season will be another down year. There is literally no talent on the offensive side of the ball. They will faulter this year, but that allows them to get rid of Rex, Sanchize and start from scratch and they'll have 2 extra picks to help them do so. Also Zach who shat on next year's draft, the 2014 draft is fucking loaded. This year, not so much.

    For TB: They essentially buy low on the best CB in the game when he is healthy, and the secondary was their biggest issue last season. They had the cap space and weren't afraid to make a move to try and put themselves into contention in the NFC South. Their first rounder this year possesses about as little value as a first round pick can IMO, as the middle-to-late portions of this years first round isn't exactly loaded with top rate prospects. I am never a fan of teams with a ton of holes trading picks, but for a team like TB with a solid team and one glaring weakness it is a move that makes a lot of sense.
  7. I hadn't looked into the 2014 draft as much as this years, so I was wrong about that draft. It is a pretty good draft, not close to 2012 draft, though.
  8. Dolph's, how good is the middle of next year's draft? Been hearing this draft isn't that bad throughout, just the top really sucks.
  9. Clowney & Bridgewater are two top flight prospects much like Griffin & Luck. Clowney will be a top 5 defensive player in football and IMO Bridgewater is right in line with those 2 Qbs mentioned. He is a stud. Also Johnny Football is a wild card.
  10. I haven't looked deep into 2014 but from what I hear it is better top to bottom compared to this one. 2013 is weak up top and so-so throughout. 2014 is amazing at the top and solid throughout

    honestly it was a pretty down season for college football IMO.
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