Darren and Titus are in great danger now AW is fired

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Darren and Titus are in great danger now AW is fired there gonna fail as a tag team and end up being jobbed out, then split apart and then released. Vince doesnt give a shit about the tag team division so there future doesnt look bright. AW really has fucked them over by his offensive comments on Raw and now hes fired
  2. Most people already enjoyed them before AW joined them, me for example. They're entertaining enough by themselves, they don't need AW, he brought something special and was really gifted on the mic but Young & O'Neil can do fine on their own. I'm pretty sure they're on their way to win the tag titles.
  3. True. They won't be as entertaining anymore. Fucking sucks for them, they were going to be developed so good as new, future stars but now WWE is going to fuck it up. Like they always fucking do.
  4. I think they'll be fine. Besides, you can't rely on someone else to get you over, sooner or later you gotta do it fully by yourself, and they have talent to do it.
  5. They'll be fine.
  6. I read it like this. Aw is fired, so they are screwed because AW is fired. AW is fired so what is going to happen to them? Since aw is fired.
  7. I totally agree with this. When AW first joined them I felt like they didn't really need him to get over but that he could be good, and he was! But they were fine on their own before him and they will be fine on their own after him.
  8. Them with AW was gold, without him they'll be fine though. Imo, they were pretty entertaining on their own.
  9. I got a lot of guff for this, but i think PTP will be better without AW, it was just like vicki, holding the contenders back.
  10. I mean yeah, they'll able to shine more by themselves, but I honestly don't think that they'll be as entertaining as they were with AW.

    Either way, best tag team going.
  11. WWE fucked them over, not AW.
  12. THIS! AW was annoying as hell!!!!

    He brought very little to the team, his involvement to screw over primo and epico was stupid, and his live mic during matches was distracting from the commentary. He could have been used much better
  13. At least Young & Titus will get some more mic time now and they could come up with more comedy backstage segments with them creating new catchphrases besides "Millions of Dollars", which would be the only upside for AW being fired in my opinion.
  14. The PTP needs to just be a power house. They wouldn't be entertaining in terms of comedy but it'd fun to watch them destroy Kofi and Truth.
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