Darren Young - Bring back the old John Cena

Discussion in 'RAW' started by JC4Life37, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. I dare WWE to do it. I dare the Rock to pay him, personally

    I want the Rock to invite Darren Young out to the ring, to Cena's basic thuganomics theme

    I want him to sell t-shirts, I want him to rap, I want the crowd to eat it up

    The worse thing Cena can do is aggressively embrace heat on live TV. Call it a dream of mine
  2. Now that would be something.
  3. He's the black Cena.
  4. Of NXT.
  5. Word Life.
  6. cuz I'm untouchable!
  7. This is basic thugonomics.
  8. but I'm forcing you to feel me!
  9. This would be awesome!
  10. NO Darren Young is just as bad as Cena was in that gimmick!
  11. Why do you have the same avatar as i do?
  12. Would be funny as a joke though. Since Darren looks so much like John it's unreal.
  13. Most Punk marks have that picture. :cool:
  14. Even the Bella Twins thinks it's insane
  15. Got you backin up into the defensive position.
  16. [attachment=23][attachment=23]
    I believe John Cena is at his best right now, he doesn't need to change. My Opinion.:angry:
  17. This
  18. They should have Darren debut on Raw or Smackdown already. But also have a short segment with John Cena lol
  19. Maybe I am crazy.... it's not as if Vince would ever ask the Undertaker to face someone who looked just like him

    Vince has too much grit for that.... the day Undertaker faces his twin is the day I quit being a wrestling fan
  20. it can be any superstar who shud try this:
    at raw that superstar....shud hit the old rap cena's music.....let them see how does the crowd react to it.....if they cheer...they shud make cena again a rapper-cum-wrestler......if the crowd BOO it then they shud let the current cena be current cena........its my opinion.....but HELL YEAH....cena shud embrace the hate....if not now then at least at wm28.....its obvious dat he will be booed in miami .....but if he becomes agressive then the next night at raw it will be BIGGEST HEEL TO FACE TURN in HISTORY!!!
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