Darren Young's interview on Today Show after coming out

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 16, 2013.

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  2. He handles media fairly well.
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  3. While watching this video I figured that if they're going to make that part of his on screen character, maybe they could have Zeb Colter start talking crap about that to Young. Would probably get some heat (unless they're in the South ofc).
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  4. Seems like a really laid back dude. I'd let him bone me :obama:
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  5. Holy fucking shit. Some of the comments on the video are Gohan-level RETARDED.
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  6. was going to say the same

    Dude is dope as hell in ring, i give 0 fucks what he does outside of it. Play on.
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  7. Such a chill dude. So much respect. Already loved him in the ring before.
  8. pretty much the same reaction with the NBA Collins guy. Respect given to Darren.
  9. :obama: He's been cool about it and not over dramatic.
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    Okay he can go away now.... I don't care if he's gay...stop mooching off what we all know is a publicity stunt...

    The worst part isn't whether he's gay or not...its that people will be jacking his interviews here for the next couple of weeks talking about...... Darren f***ing Young

    Darren f***ing Young...REALLY????

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