Darth McMahon on the rise

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 14, 2012.

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  3. Crayo, if the polls mean anything (somehow they are pretty accurate), then she was the favorite to win this by a longshot. As for the general election... good luck. You're gonna need it, and you probably still won't win.
  4. APA does no--err Farooq does not allow this. I'll make her out to what she really is, a tranny who just wants power to have it!
  5. Fear Linda. She is going to be the downfall of this great thing we have going on. Even worse than she is now.
  6. Great? :haha: Did you see Raw?
  7. Yeah more the AW stuff that i fear.
  8. AW vs Linda for Senator :hmm:
  9. He looks like money, she is nearly a billionaire. She is a hardcore republican for a reason.
  10. :haha: Oh a Republican? Really? AW gots this
  11. F**K LINDA! She's the reason of the PG fucking ERA. F**k her and politics.
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  12. that and vince openly admitting being unfaithful. Divorce = serious complication in WWE universe.
  13. She won her primary and is in a statistical dead heat (as of this week) for the general election in November.

    She's 5 points behind the guy who won the Democratic primary and the margin of error on the poll is 4.5%.

    Unlike her 2010 run, in which her strength was seen to be her deep pockets, her 2012 campaign has focused on grassroots organizing and small meetings rather than large gatherings. This is a strategy that is seeing more currency in American politics and has led to wins in several races nationally (most notably the victory of dark horse Republican Ted Cruz over establishment Republican David Dewhurst in Texas last month). Judging by her momentum and the success of that strategy elsewhere, I wouldn't write Linda off at this point. In fact, I would give her a solid edge in the election at this point.

    Now, if anybody finds pictures of her playing golf with Satan (or possibly even just the Undertaker), all of that might change.

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  14. [​IMG]
    Consuming alcohol with a drunk who beat his wife. SEND IT TO THE CONGRESSMAN
  15. ^such a goat.
  16. I sincerely hope she doesn't win the whole thing :((
  17. I don't know how things are up there, but we're stuck. If she loses she'll probably try again, if she wins we're screwed.
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