"Dashing" Cody Rhodes OR "Show off" Dolph Ziggler

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes

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  2. "Show off" Dolph Ziggler

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  3. Crayo's mother

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  1. Who do you think is the better man?
  2. To be honest, Rhodes has done more with his gimmick. He had more chances to however - getting mic time every week - so it's impossible to compare. Dolph jobs every week to make others look good, where as Cody was making himself look good with his impressive promos.

    I think Rhodes tips this for me, but if Dolph was given time he would overtake him imo.
  3. Dashing :rhodes:
  4. Quoting the fail.
  5. Rhodes for the same reasons as Crayo stated. He has been given more opportunities
  6. Crayo, I agree with you there in the sense that Rhodes has done more with his gimmick. I don't believe any other superstar, besides MNM, have had a gimmick quite like Rhodes'. Dolph on the hand, yes he's a great performer, and was in my favorite team ever in WWE, but Dolph really hasn't done much. In my opinion, storyline wise, he's no better than Khali when Khali got pushed.
  7. There's been tons of dashing type gimmicks, Cody was awesome during his though. Nothing gets me loling as much as those grooming tips.
  8. Lex Luger had a narcissistic gimmick at one point, I'll say Ziggler tbh, Cody impressed the hell out of me but Dolph has done more with less IMO.
  9. I went with Dolph, but they're very, very close. I wasn't really sure who to pick.
  10. Just noticed that my Mother is an option. She's GOAT.
  11. Crayo
  12. Voted Momma Crayo.
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  13. Dem grooming tips saved me from looking like an ass when I took my gf on our date :boss:
  14. Ziggler all the way. Rhodes is good too though.
  15. Ziggler for me. A like Cody's gimmick and is a great preformer, but Ziggler just does that one extra thing for me.
    Look, charisma, skill and ability.

  16. Is this just a gimmick comparison?
  17. Think it's an all-round comparison. Skill, game, talent, working, charisma, etc..
  18. Actually, it was meant to be a gimmick comparison.. hence why I had their nicknames in quotations.
  19. Oh, my bad. Still doing with Ziggler. :dawg:
  20. Other than saying "I'm going to do what I do best and steal the show like I always do" and doing a random headstand headlock, Dolph doesn't even show off. Wasn't a big fan of Dashing Cody Rhodes either, unless he was ripping everyone in the audience, but that's more than Dolph's done with his current character.
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