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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. @CrayJ Lee don't fear, Tsario is here.
  2. I need to proceed and hide my a$$ in sweatpants.
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  4. Jonathan and Farooq got some serious competition.
  5. This is my true claim to fame :true:

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  6. Da**, foxy.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. That reminds me, I missed Big Bang Theory today.
  9. What's the connection?
  10. If you don't get it, there's obviously no point in me telling you.
  11. Why do threads like these exist. They don't jumpstart activity nor are they appreciated by the vast majority of people. Just stop.
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  12. Wrong. Threads like these have plenty of activity. You're just ticked... well, actually I don't know why you're ticked.
    I don't see you trying to boost activity. It's easy to sh** can a person who's legit trying. Stop being a lemon, bro.
  13. I'd much rather see actual activity instead of blatant stupidity. This doesn't have an actual cause and was created out of pure boredom. It's part of the reason why this forum is basically living off life support. The only thing that even keeps it semi-active is fantasy, and that's for a select number of people.
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  14. I can't disagree with your rationale, you know that. You're a good poster and enjoy your takes.
    Even though you're right, its fun to sit back and not be serious.
  15. Party = Pooped.

    Really what was the point of that. You wonder why random threads exist in a section MADE for random threads? A mast majority of people on this forum don't watch wrestling and post more often here then they do in the wrestling section. The reason this place is on "life support" is because no one posts because no one watches wrestling. This section was alive and well back when the site was x1000 more active and this section had even more ridiculous threads. If you have a problem with the Locker Room section having this kind of material then PM Solidus about your concern.
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  16. If Tsar really wanted to be serious, the dude could. Right now, the cat is d***ing around trying to boost activity.
  17. You take things too fucking seriously. It's just a forum, calm down.
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