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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by JC4Life37, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. No Chance

  2. little chance

  3. Pretty good chance

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  4. U kiddin?...Randy sucks

  1. I've tossed this idea around to Alkaline and KLockard a bit... and I actually believed they were somewhat on board for it at some point

    Cliff notes

    Cena's bad elbow cause him to tap to Bryan...Bryan and HHH celebrate

    Enter Orton ...HHH senses somethings not right and refuses to sanction the match

    VInce clocks the dude...Miz anoints Vince as ref who makes the count

    All a big swerve basically where VInce admits all along Randy's always been his guy since way back... it was MITB where Randy truly proved himself

    Randy really needs a makeover to pull this off... meh

    Chances of this happening...little chance or no chance at all
  2. U kiddin?...Randy sucks:notsure1:

  3. I'm startin to buy that myself... like this idea could rock if it wasn't for Orton
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  5. Little chance.

    I think it's possible there is no Corporate champion actually being groomed here, it's just a matter of Vince not wanting either Cena or Bryan to walk out as champion and being proud someone like Orton comes in and takes the belt. Maybe that's all there is to it. Personally, I wouldn't want Orton to become the Corporate champ, even though it's a change for him. I'd prefer a brand new main eventer becoming Vince's new Corporate champion (not Bryan) if we're going to make a full comparison to The Rock at Survivor Series 1998 (since that's been brought up in other threads.) Also, it would be disappointing to me because I still hope for an Orton/Brock feud at some point in the future, and that'll only work if Orton is a baby face and still playing The Viper character.
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  6. Im 50/50 on it.

  7. It just seems to convenient that Vince always mentions Danielson's short comings physically, when Mr. MITB is exactly what Vince wants to a T. It's also convenient Vince doesn't like Cena (kayfabe), considering Orton was always first original choice headline the company with Lesnar in 2003.

    I saw something in the Miz showing disdain for Bryan in that promo...maybe it's their past history but I'm probably looking too much into it.
  8. Little chance. I wouldn't put my money on it but could see it happening.
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