Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jul 19, 2014.

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  1. @Dat Kid MIC BRO? I heard you were back home and you wanted to kill zombies bro.

    Forget your skype account team, it's time to kill some zombies. @IT Factor @Shadow @Trip in the Head l4d2. It's gametime Bros and Dat Kid.
  2. Where's the "Jelly" button?
  3. @GrammarNazi82 is in charge of the jelly here, just make sure you're ready for the jelly.
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  4. I ain't got that game
  5. Get GTA fuckboy
  6. FTJ fucksboy i'm Aids. and we L4d2 or Dead island here, bro.

    Don't worry trip, tomorrow is another day. I bo-lieve you can find it at a pawn or game shop for $8.
  7. She tried that stuff on you, too? :tough:
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  8. No she told me that when it Rains, it Snows, and I wasn't ready for the blizzard.
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  9. Dead island or gtfo
  10. Both. I'm ready to win, and you just can't seem to pull out a W recently to save your life.

  11. Mics mics mics mics mics mics mics mics Mics MIcs MICs MICS MICS MICS MICS MICS MICS!

    M m m m m MICS! MICS!
  12. See my reputation precedes me, then. :smug: Not many people can handle me.
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  13. But outside of messing with Aids, can someone let me know how these forum gaming sessions go? They sound so fun! :yay:
  14. mics bro, so many mics.
  15. somebody has to redownload.
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  16. Started my download like 5 minutes ago. Going to chill ITT until it's done.
  17. just message here. My xbox needs a cooldown and dat kid has some cod in the oven waiting.
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