Dat Kid's Forum Goals November

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. 1. Come up with a new gimmick
    2. Repackage El Nino
    3. Make Crayo question his gender
    4. Make Lacky damn himself
    5. Make nWo the best to the point where it is unanimous
    6. Beat Lacky for spammer and fan of the week
    7. Bring up japanese octopus porn in every thread
    8. Expose the crayluiminati
    9. Create the best thread this month
    10. Get nWo to stop being fat summum bitches or i split
    11. Beat Seabs in a debate (new topic)
    11a. Play the race card if I lose to Seabs

  2. HE'S FAT! :steiner:
  3. Danny got it two nights ago.
  4. I'm doing things DatKid dreams of :-)
  5. Lacky wasn't in the thread.
  6. I guess I get an * :why:
  7. Which race is it, car or boat?
  8. Score a goal my friend, score a goal.
  9. :yes:
    :yay: :win:
  10. #6 is probably the easiest. I'm not online anymore.
  11. Both know that's not true, unless you're FUCKING FUTURE PLANS UP.
  12. They call me Mr Controversy. :smug1:
  13. No, you do :pipebomb:.
  14. :okay:
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