Dat Kid's Outlandish HIAC Theory

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dat Kid, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. So the main event of HIAC is Punk vs Ryback. We all know that the probability of Ryback winning the title is as slim as Punk ending Ryback's streak, so this will end in no contest. It ends in no contest via interference from Big Show who (noted on Raw) smiled with great enjoyment as Sheamus was getting beat by Punk. You may think he was smiling because Sheamus is his opponent, but does anyone remember Survivor Series where Paul Heyman stabbed Lesnar in the back to put the title on Big Show.

    That makes Show interfering more plausible than Lesnar because he is confirmed to be there, he is a Paul Heyman guy, it won't use up Lesnar's date, and we have an interesting enough rivalry for Ryback with Show.

    The next question is what about Ryback's streak? Well it doesn't end, but neither does Punk's reign. Punk will be dominated and Show will come in and fight Ryback leaving a ko'd Punk in the ring. Recently Vickie Guerrero just became managing whatever the hell you call it. You should see what's coming from here. Vickie will make Dolph's MITB eligible for the WWE title. Dolph will cash in during the match, which would make it a triple threat i guess, but Ryback will still be focused on Show. Ziggler pins Punk and becomes the new WWE championship.

    ...but this is just an outlandish theory
  2. The first theory is plausible because the rumor is is that the big tag team elimination match at Survivor Series will be Team Ryback vs Team Show. It also sets up a good opponent for Ryback in a one-on-one match later on, because Ryback destroying Show does a lot to make him look dominant. At HIAC, I could see Ryback getting chokeslammed off the stage or something and ending it a no contest that way.

    The second theory... Eh, not so much. I think if Punk doesn't lose at all, he'll keep the title and his own 'streak' until the Rumble. Dolph cashing in on another heel doesn't sit right with me, and besides, it would mean Punk getting the belt back before the Rumble, since no way is Rock-Ziggler happening. I could see Ziggler cashing in on Sheamus though after he retains against the Big Show.
  3. RYBACK is not unbeaten... He has been splitting house show decisions with punk for warmup for the match
  4. you want to consider house shows to a superstars win/loss record. :pity:
  5. you dont want to consider non televised games to a sports teams record?
  6. I don't watch sport, but I do know that professional wrestling is not a real sport. If we were to consider everything that happens in non-televised events then Undertaker should still be champion because he won it in a non-televised event in 2003 against JBL. Non-televised events have no value other than to appease the fans who won't get to see a televised show throughout the year.
  7. It is a common notion within sports entertainment that only TV wins count towards a win/loss record if your promotion has a TV deal. Unless they work like Evolve where Win/loss records are the foundation of the entire promotion.
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