Dat Kid's Raw Recap 7-8-13

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dat Kid, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. I remember why I stopped doing these, it takes me 7 hours to make one. Enjoy

    Crayo i put the WWE forums banner in the intro because I didn't feel like writing it, hope you don't mind me stealing it.
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  2. This was great! I especially like the MTV Cribs and John Cena Fruity Pebbles parts. Great work on it :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. YOU LIE! :angry: You said it would be a 5 minute watch... it's only 4! :why:

    Anywho, great job. Best recap in a while. Shocked that it takes 7 hours to do one though... :downer: does that include thinking of material, watching the show, etc? Not just editing?

    Legit lol'ed hard at the Krispen Wah edit. Great job.
  4. Ziggler could have got sex.... With AJ.
  5. LOLOLOLOL, I couldn't stop laughing at the MTV Cribs part, holy shit. I literally stopped the video and died for about a few minutes. These are so great, shame it takes such a long time to make.
  6. Takes about 2 hours to rewatch Raw and find spots that would be good. Then I have to sometimes screen record material and sounds. I have to go out of my way to make things move, so yeah it surprisingly takes that long. That's why the two people who did it before me don't do it anymore
  7. Awesome, nice work.
  8. This was so awesome haha.
  9. Hahahah that was great. Lmfao Chris... Don't say it.
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