#DateABroMan: The BroMans are Looking For Love! ENTER NOW!

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Aug 25, 2014.

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    As some great Jersey Juice Head once said, “you don’t bring sand to the beach”. All summer long, The BroMans have been the lady killers of Seaside; clubbing, picking up chicks and, of course, tanning. However, as the summer comes to a close, the BroMans are looking for something a bit more… serious, bro.

    Jersey winters get cold, the beach bars close and it’s nice to have a dimepiece to spend the holidays with. So, the BroMans are looking for girlfriends. Do you have what it takes to get with Robbie, tho? What about Jessie, tho? Let’s be honest, they’re pretty picky. Check out this video where the BroMans tell you exactly what they’re looking for!

    Robbie and Jessie are looking for love and YOU just might be Ms. Right-For-Tonight! If you think you’re the perfect match, submit a video on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #DateABroMan anytime before Tuesday, August 26th, telling us what makes you the girl(s) for them. The BroMans just might wife you up!

    Seriously, bro, Robbie and Jessie are looking for love and whoever is chosen will get to date the BroMans — at least until next summer. This will include double dates to IMPACT tapings, couples' spray tans and your own personal DJ…




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