Dating Advice for women

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. I got a request to give the women on the forum advice, so here we go.

    1. Stay in shape.

    Curves are fine, but we lads do not like fat to a ridicious degree

    2. Be less forward

    I have women coming onto me by shking their rumps in my crotch. be a bit less forward, go up and talk to us lads.

    3. be a women

    a bloke should be a bloke, and a women should be a women

    no acting manly, no farting or burping, or necking pints.

    4. in the bedroom, be a devil

    be like "fuck me, fuck me", not "love me, love me"

    5. dont be afraid to put the cooker on and do the ironing

    its fine to do these things, dont let liberals or metrosexuals tell you otherwise
  2. Genius. :damnn:
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  3. cheers lad

    i am stilling waiting to see the improvements with your image
  4. You don't even know what I look like.
  5. i have seen you in the pic thread
  6. A cell phone picture of my head. :obama:
  7. it showed me all i needed

    roughed up a bit lad
  8. You've described yourself as a 'nerdish' guy with a bit of a gut right?
  9. my look is that of a nerdy mans man
  10. K. :obama: I'm not going to debate with you brother :hogan: Your thread. Your game.
  11. yeah, lets get back to advising these bloody women
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  12. Oh hey another pointless thread.
  13. another friverlous response

    dont like, dont read lad. go back to the friend zone where you belong
  14. "a bloke should be a bloke, and a women should be a women" - Tgmiveld
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  15. exactly, no need to overthink it

    remember that and my other advise "use the booze to not lose"
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  16. For some reason, i laughed.
  17. I have my own girl as well as the fact that I live with 3 other females and 2 other males. Really now.
  18. is she fit though
  19. I love how that's even a question. Of course they all are. Not even prejudicing or anything, but I let them live at my place (with pay) for a reason.
  20. does not count
    back to the thread topic then
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