Dave Bautista Doesn't Think WWE Will Ever Unionize/Talks about Titus

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 24, 2016.

  2. Fuck TMZ but Skinny Jeans is right. Titus can go succeed elsewhere if he wanted.
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  3. Dave "Skinny Jeans" Batista

  4. he ripped through a pair of pants on LIVE tv, yeah his name is skinny jeans.
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  5. Titus is going to be buried for the rest of his career now. But where else is he going to make as much money and be on TV? Hopefully Titus drops a pipe bomb someday.

  6. Ah, shoot. Now Titus will never win that coveted SORRY, WE HAVE NOTHING FOR YOU Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. I like Batista. One of the only former wrestlers that is still affiliated with the company, and he calls out the bullshit. Not to mention he knows what wrestling fans want. Great guy imo.
  9. Titus O'Neil absolutely sucks.. He shouldn't get pushed and he shouldn't be acting like a fool on live television.. Batista needs to stop whining over something that was Titus's fault.
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  10. Ring of Honor. But I don't see ROH wanting him. He doesn't fit their type of talent
  11. He isn't affiliated with WWE anymore. Not in any official capacity at least
  12. I like Titus, think he's pretty damn good. Personally would have given him a run with the Intercontinental championship to see how it would have went. Now if he goes with WWE still, all I see is burying.
  13. Who cares about these jobbers.
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