Ring of Honor Davey Richards Parts Ways With ROH

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Star Lord, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Davey Richards to WWE confirmed. :jericho:
  3. Holy shit. He wont go to Japan, now he won't even be on Final Battle. I think it's safe to say that even his PWG match on Dec. 20th is also in question, eh?

    Davey is WWE bound, congrats to guy.
  4. Good stuff for him. Bad news for ROH.
  5. Damn, didn't expect that. NXT hopefully.
  6. PWinsider.

    So Davey possibly Low Key'ing
  7. And the quotes from the magazine in question:

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  9. Wow, that was a great message.
  10. Funny how he claims to never lie, and rumor is that half the ROH lockeroom considers him the liar (some even patological liar).

    Good riddance Davey, sometimes I enjoyed your matches, but most of the times I didn't. Hope you make it somewhere else.
  11. quote/link DR Meltzify?
  12. Gabe's reaction to Davey was gold. Some fan asked him on twitter that if Davey's WWE deal didn't work out if Gabe would book him. Gabe's answer:

    "The question is, would Davey show up?"
  13. U're such a Gabe mark
  14. So who is the mystery tag partner? Most likely guess is Hero. A major curvball would be Joe for one night only. Or Nigel.
  15. I legit am crying.
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  16. you skipped two letters to post that. Really? Really. Really.....
  17. [​IMG]

    Hero MOST likely. Someone other? Maybe Nigel. Third guess? Um, I'll go with a wildcard Colt Cabana (lulz).
  18. Ultimate wildcards: Low-Ki or Xavier.
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