Davey Richards teases possibly major move

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Davey Richards in the WWE........

  2. With his attitude he'll be relegated to an SMS jobber in a month.
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    This is a riot, man. Anyway though, hopefully he gets to Superstars at least!
  4. The odd thing is I could see Triple H liking Davey. Davey is very down to business and "super cereal" so I could see him and Hunter jelling.

    Plus I think Davey is a guy who needs direction. When he is directed by someone (Super Dragon in PWG) he is a very entertaining wrestler to watch. And if it came down to it I am not going to say no to a Daniel Bryan vs Davey Richards match on PPV.
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    I guess it would be interesting, not sure how he would fit in WWE though.
  6. In all seriousness. Davey handled right could fill an undercard Benoit style role in the WWE. Or with the right partner be very good for the tag division.

    Worst case scenario: Kaval 2.0
  7. Interesting i thought he had no desire to be in wwe? Maybe moneys a part of it or maybe he just wants a change.
  8. He's done all there is to be done on the independents I think. Logically the money and chance to do something new and maybe Triple H's new way of running developmental and his look on independent guys has swayed him.
  9. Yeah there is lot more chance for indy guys now in wwe so i suppose its a chance you cannot say no to.
  10. Yeah. And even in NXT now he would work infront of a big international audience. It airs in around 60 countries or something, he gets to make decent money and even if he doesn't make it to the main roster (but if he signs I think he will) he can get hired as a producer/trainer and be set.