Davey Richards: Where did it all go wrong?

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    A couple of years back, Davey Richards was a promising and up and coming ROH midcarder. The kind of guy you built the base of the company around, hard working and technically sound guy. Then something changed when Cornette came around and tried building the company with Davey as the nexus. The American wolf became a douche both inside the ring and backstage. No selling every bit of offence from his opponents and getting an ego the size of mount death. Since then multiple reports of arrogance backstage and Davey even screwing promoters have arisen. He also took another promising talent in Kyle O'Reilly and corrupted him as well. So where did it all go wrong?

    Should Davey never have held the ROH title? Or should the situation just have been handled differently?


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  2. Well, apparently his success got into his head. Sounds a little bit like Shawn Michaels winning the belt in the 90s. Davey better switch off this attitude of his, or he ain't going to get anywhere in this business. I mean look at guys like Teddy Hart, who were also credited as promising, and ended up being a huge asshole, a lot of people had problems to work with. Davey Richards seems to be slowly fading that same path.
  3. He was never that good IMO, his flaws are under the spotlight more because he got his push and held what at one point was the most prestigious world title in America from a pure wrestling standpoint. As for the ego it's expected for most guys IMO, you tell someone he's the best on the planet enough he'll believe it. Punk did, even everyone's favorite Danielson did to an extent, while he wasn't egotistical in the main sense he knew he could demand practically what ever he wanted and get it.
  4. What can I say, I agree with this very wise guy and the boss avatar he has.:obama:
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