David Beckham NOT included in the GB Olympic Squad

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Acailler, Jun 28, 2012.

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  2. It shouldn't even be in the olympics anyway, I don't class it as an olympic sport.
  3. I love Becks but he wouldn't have been anything more than a media inclusion at this stage, Giggs, Bellamy and Micha are better choices IMO. Why Micha didn't go to the Euros I'll never know.
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  5. Oh well.. Dude's living a good life, let it be.. He doesn't need the $$$ anyway.. :dawg:
  6. Why include Micha in with the overage players lol?

    Micha has to go and I think he will since predominantly young players will be headlining Olympics. People are outraging over Beck's not going, I don't see why. Oh no England are picking their best team instead of a media star what a travesty.

    I would use the olympics to change our fucking style quickly. Use it to experiment a brand new system and playing style. Attack the fuck out of everyone and see what happens. At least Giggs (38?) is more creative than every single one of our players. So we have a chance.
  7. Micah is over age, he was born in 88 but you have to be born 89.



    I thought you knew about football?
  8. Lol I thought the overage players had to be over 35, wow.

    This is awesome though. We're forced to play with young players which means no fuck ups. WOOO.
  9. This is bullshit. I was going to root for England in Olympic soccer as well. Now fuckem.
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