David Benoit wrestling?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by HunterHearstJericho, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. Chris Benoit's son David is reportedly training to become a professional wrestler. He's just now started lifting weights but word is that he's done some working out with David Hart Smith, son of the late British Bulldog.
    Apparently Benoit has also kept in touch with Chris Jericho. Jericho noted in his most recent book that David called him up after the murders and asked if he would still be able to attend wrestling events.
    What do you guys think?
    David Benoit:
  2. I didnt know he even had any family left, tbh.

    Good for him.
  3. Yeh he has a daughter and a son from a previous marriage.
  4. Ouch, that's a rough one. It's a really dark shadow to overcome. I doubt he'd be given a fair shake. Even worse, some back woods promoter might just bring him in as a freak show type of deal. I think he should have picked a different career personally.
  5. ....and people should be even better to him for that reason. He isn't his father, and won't repeat what he will. It's a shame some people are quick to judge (i totally agree with you and that will happen) and be pieces of shit himself. He didn't do anything wrong. If anything people should step up (Dean Malenko is still with WWE) who were good friends with his dad.

    I dont forgive Benoit for what he did, but i also know i can't understand his mindset. People really fuck their brains up doing shit like he has, look at Ali for the extreme, but Favre has been doing stuff lately about his post-concussion effects. I think people play things too soft for our kids or try to convince ourselves it wasnt because of head injuries, but how would we know better than research has?
  6. I don't think David will get signed to WWE, due to the fact of the incident in 2007, he would have if the incident didn't happen. I do think this will be a big thing though in the wrestling industry.
  7. I agree that he should not be held accountable for his dads actions. However, we all know that people love to watch train wrecks. Jerry Springer has been on for over 2 decades for Christ's sake. I wouldn't put it past someone to use that tragedy in a wrestling storyline for profit.
  8. I agree 100%. The thing is, what if someone grabs him young and gives him the help he deserves? He has the genes to be successful, the name will be huge on controversy alone. You just need someone to teach him, and show him how to handle himself with success in the business so he can be successful long term (HHH HBK EDGE etc) and he could be great. I think his name deserves some retrobution in the WWE honestly, and i wish i had known about him sooner. If he wants to succeed, i believe the WWE owes him every chance in the world to do it.
  9. I disagree about him not being given a fair shot. IMO if he develops into a great wrestler this becomes an all time great feel good story, not the other way around. It will be viewed as overcoming a terrible tragedy, not 'wow this pos... his dad killed his son and wife you know!'
  10. I think the E would be the worst place for him. IMO if he really wants to do this, he should go to Japan. His dad was respected there and that goes a long way. He could learn from the masters there and the media isn't as intrusive as it is here.
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  11. Moving there would work for the shirt term, he could spend a few years there (being younger) before moving over. His dad was huge for the E, i dont get how people will make him be "guilty" of the same shit his dad did because of his name. I think they could make him babyface like no other.
  12. I think they should let David have a career in what he wants, leave the bad things in the past and forget about them although if by some way he was allowed in WWE, Benoit chants would go rampant, possible references of his father and more. WWE will not sign him because of his father and it sucks.
  13. Worst place he could go is ROH, the place where fans chant Chris Benoit and fake hang themselves as soon as someone does a move even remotely similar to a crossface. Japan would indeed be the best.
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  14. ROH fans are douche's
  15. Correction: Western wrestling fans are douches. Not all but large amounts of them.
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  16. Well thats what I meant not all but most.
  17. Fucking Chris Benoit is rotting in hell right now. This is some demented shit.
  18. In what way is this demented?
  19. What way is this demented this really has nothing to do with Chris more so his son. So please slide you're way out of this thread, for it is not about what happened with his father its about his son's future. :stfu:
  20. Aside from the controversy, if he's a great wrestler and good on the mic, there isn't any reason to not sign him. I can see WWE possibly giving him a different name and not mentioning Benoit at the most if they do sign him in. I highly doubt though WWE would, but I can also see them trying to use this as a redemption story, but then it would mean bringing back Chris's history and whatnot. I'm unsure on the situation on how WWE would treat him. If he is respected in Japan, then I say go to Japan and work there. There's nothing wrong with that in my opinion.