Politics David Cameron Steps Down; UK Leaves EU

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Roadster, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. So, David Cameron, the UK Prime Minster, resigned after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

    I think the UK is royal fucked. Losing their PM and walking into potential economic collapse is pretty freaky. The Pound took a massive hit, the moment the voters started voting Leave. Now, they lose their PM, which isn't too hard to fix, but have to deal with the massive economic issues their gonna be facing.
  2. Also with the death of campaigners, this entire situation has just been horrid.
  3. I'm honestly speechless, I'm struggling to find the right words
  4. This is pretty crazy. Another sing of the endtimes imo.
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  5. David cameron steps down

    Best day ever
  6. You do realize your country's leader has left in the midst of major potential economic turmoil? How is that the best day ever?
  7. He screw up thr country and i am glad he is gone
  8. Let me say this again, major potential economic turmoil. His past decisions aren't really necessary when the country is on the verge of major changes.
  9. David cameron is the worst prime minister we have ever had i hope boris johnson will do better
  10. Boris will be worse. He is an absolute joke.
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  11. Well this shows you that a lot of people are pissed off and frustrated with how things are going in the uk this is not just about Cameron or the conservatives . Time will tell if this is a good decision or not.
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    David didn't screw up the country. Though he didn't help it much.
    If anyone is to blame. It's those who voted with no clue how big of a deal this is.
    Fucktards like this make me ill.
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  13. Pretty sure this lady gets that title

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  14. look im just saying david cameron is a tw*t for what he did
  15. Lol you UKFags are fucked
  16. The best thing the UK can do right now is stick together and not point fingers at each other. I think most of the people who did vote to leave knew that it would be hard at first. It is natural to panic when change is happening, specially major changes like these but the more separation you have within a country, the weaker it becomes.
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  17. Absolutely agree. I haven't followed this story closely and I sort of regret that now. But the economic problems and political problems will just be exacerbated by dividing the country even more. Political division and unrest has a direct and strong effect on the economy.

    It happened and it's done now, so the smart thing to do is work together to improve the situation. Trying to resist it, argue it and blame each other will just make it worse.
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  18. I agree with that. I think people really need to stop trying to blame events, that haven't even happened, on other people, and start working to fix problems to stop the events from ever even happening. This will just bite them in the ass, if they do what they're doing.
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  19. I know first hand that fearing the worst outcome does nothing but make more problems and causes more panic and fear.
  20. And one of the things that affects the economy more than anything else is people's perception of the economy. People think it's going to be bad, they put less money into it and it recesses.
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