David Otunga Tapes Oprah Appearance

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Aug 30, 2012.

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    :lol1: Such a boss comment.

  2. Otunga is boss.
  3. Otunga is BAWS! Big guns, big brain!
  4. That's the reason he'll never be fired. Otunga ftw.
  5. Big guns, bigger brain.
  6. Big guns, bigger cup of coffee. :otunga:
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  7. No rest for the damned HAWT DAMN HANDSOME OF A GOD!
  8. Nice comment. :dawg:
  9. lol yah Oprah is the lucky one.
  10. I thought Oprah didnt do shows anymore?
  11. She did a Triple H. :]] Gettit?
  12. :isee: :bury:
  13. Why is David OTunga on the Oprah show??? I can understand Jennifer Hudson being on it as shes probably been on the show to talk about the court case and her family being murdered. But him being on the show theres no need whats he gonna do flex his muscles and drink his coffee???
  14. He's a good talker.
  15. It's like saying David's not relevant. He's also a Harvard Law graduate, he's no knucklehead. He knows his stuff, and he was there because his FIANCE is there. How bad is it if your soon-to-be husband isn't with you in tapings? He also went into a reality show. Don't judge people's personality with the character they portray in telly.
  16. And he made a movie with Halle Berry..
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