dawn of the planet of the apes trailer

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Gav back in the championship, May 8, 2014.

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  1. Why did I not know this was out this year last I heard it was coming out next year so looking forward to this after the last one hoping its just as good as the last one
  2. HUMANS VS APES!! I'm pumped for this one as well Gav.
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  3. Looks really good.... I loved the newest one and all the old ones despite the cheesiness of most of them. I'm just an Apes fan I guess.
  4. Watched this earlier today brilliant film anyone else seen it yet?
  5. Yup, best film of the year so far IMO.
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  6. I hope it's good.
  7. You won't be disappointed when you see it :emoji_slight_smile:
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    This looks damn amazing.
  9. The apes are intelligent enough to know not to go to the UK and see you Americans as an easier target

    its easily my favourite film this year
  10. lol on the other side, if the apes had boats they would have ran over you clowns and then starved to death on your shit food.
  11. Lol At least we wouldn't turn into the apes bitches like the Americans eventually do :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Have you looked at a picture of your mother lately.
  13. No @seabs ?
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  14. Get to bed you little git.
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  15. I asked my roommates if they wanted to go see Hercules when it came out. They said no, that it looked too ridiculous.

    Then they went to see planet of the apes later that day
  16. tbf, Hercules does look ridiculous.
  17. At least Hercules has an excuse for looking ridiculous.

    I mean come on
  18. Yeah, they hate you.
  19. can't blame em
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  20. ridiculously awesome
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