News DB makes a Twitter plea for WWE to clear him upon hearing the big NJPW news

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. The dude obviously wants to wrestle this guy:
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    YES! vs YEAOH! is something I really wanna see. Clear Bryan, WWE.

    Also, instead of posting this on social media, Bryan should go talk to the chairman of the board himself.
  2. I'm sure he's gone to the chairmen.

    And he might mike a surprise return because of thin roster
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  3. Finally he now demands his clearance
  4. With the this thin roster and Wrestlemania coming now we'll finally find out if he's coming back. If he isn't brought back for Mania then its safe to assume that his career is done for certain.

    Angle vs DB would be so perfect for Wm32 this year. It would add a huge star power match on the card, especially if it was both their first matches back.
  5. Kind of stupid.

    He should've went to McMahon and done this. I'm pretty sure he knows better than anyone, WWE doesn't care what it's fans want. They care what they want. More precisely, what the yo-yo goons in the top floors of Titan Tower want.

    It will be cool to see but it will be held off and given away at some shitty B-Show to lure more fans to the Network, and have no mention afterwards. Much like Shield vs Wyatts at EC 2014.
  6. Should've talked to Vince face-to-face, though.
  7. Vince doesn't want DB back because it'd ruin Reigns' overness. I wouldn't bet his WWE career is over just yet, if anything, I see him back on the post-Mania Raw episode.

    Angle vs DB could happen at WM 33, Kurt's said he'd like to work WM 33, so you never know...
  8. Who is to fucking say he didn't go to Vince? I could give a shit about DB but he had the WWE universe help him before, why wouldn't you assume you were his last result a 2nd time?

    I'm all for a cleared star coming back, this is some fucked up shit if true, burying a person's dream and career to advance someone you need to shove down throats. This is life in a microcosm for sure, welcome to hell. They should let him back to job to Reigns and get him over as a monster heel.
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  9. Preach it. I'm sure he's talked to Vince and hunter.
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  10. Healthy enough to do that shit but can't perform? Even though he's cleared?
  11. He's not cleared by WWE's doctors, apparently.
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  12. I know that but i meant by every other doc lol
  13. I know what you meant, bro, but that doesn't matter to Vince. He's gonna keep him on the sidelines as much as he wants, unfortunately.
  14. I know and it sucks because they could make a really interesting feud this year too. He could fight the rock, Brock, or taker.
  15. He's going to be in the R.R. I don't know how many times I have to beat it into your heads
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  16. I said he might. It's a toss up for now. They would throw him in there to build another feud which is fine by me.
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  17. I fucking love your optimism, Danny! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Even if he did get to enter the Rumble, they surely won't do the 2015 Royal Rumble scenario, right? If they do, it'll prolly lead to the Royal Rumble Rebellion III.
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  18. only as many times as I get to beat your butt. You wanna bet?
  19. He's not gonna be in the Royal Rumble. If the Rumble wasn't for the title, I would say maybe. But since the Rumble is all about Reigns, forget about it.
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