DB Tired Of Comedy Gimmick, And More

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Nice interview.
  2. Nice interview, I agree with him, the guy is one of the best and he definitely deserves to be ore than a comedy tool in the WWE, although his current character is pretty funny and entertaining, but they should give him what he really deserves, a wwe title reign.
  3. DB wants to be the man. And we all want him to be the man.

    Too bad for everyone.
  4. That is the unfortunate truth.
  5. Happy he's not happy. I just want him to win the wwe title once. Please.
  6. The sooner we see him in a serious role, the better :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. He doesn't have the image.

    Then again, neither does CM Punk... or Miz for that matter.
  8. He needs to change gimmick . WWE needs to push him to the main, main scene (WHC or WWE title)
  9. Neither did Mick Foley, and he still got it(and a HOFer) :obama: He will just never be the main guy for an extended period, but I gurantee he will win the wwe title once.
  10. B-but I want him to be The Guy. :please:
  11. Maybe he will, who knows man.
  12. I mean, he isn't the size of The Guy (yet), but he has the face of one. I mean, with the beard off he looks a lot more attractive than Cena, just sayin', lmao. If they build him right, he can be, but I doubt WWE would, so I wouldn't hold my breathe to it. :downer:
  13. What's wrong with beards? :notamused:
  14. You mean physically he doesn't have the size? I doubt he will ever because he's only 5'10 (still 10 inches on you) He has a good physique though imo. Just would be nice to see him in a more serious role like he said in the interview, just wrestling ya know?
  15. Lol, I know. I'm just saying possibilities and all that. I'm sure he'll get that role sooner or later once Hell No disbands.
  16. Nothing at all personally, but I don't think WWE wants their top guy lookin' like a hobo, just sayin'. :dawg:
  17. Hobo? :downer:
  18. 'Fraid so. :downer:
  19. TBH his run in wwe has been disappointing maybe i expecting too much and setting myself up to be disappointed. He had had good matches no doubt, but he has had one major feud and he should of won the title at MITB(think it was that ppv). Other then that he has been misused and has kind of been irrelevant most of the time, the WHC run was good for him to make a name for himself there but the actual matches were poor due to the guys he was booked against.

    He needs that one big win, sure he has beat punk but not clean, he needs to be beating a few of the big guys to build him to a wwe title shot.
  20. Well, I try to be optimistic with DB. I think they think "well, we have this guy for at least 10 years, he'll go until he can't go anymore and likes being here, so let's not saturate him on the main event scene so quickly, let's have him do some other stuff before that". So I like to believe that they do have a lenghty main event run for Bryan just waiting for him and are purposely using him in a lower position not to overexpose him so fast. And that's a good thing, people normally complain about people being rushed into the ME.
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