DB vs. Triple H seems like it's happening

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    Hey all,

    This is my first thread and I know that this topic has been discussed in several threads, but it seems that this feud will take place at Mania. If you watch the video above, at the end of the clip, you'll notice Triple H beginning to do the "YES!" chant. Granted, Triple H could be doing this as a simple mockery; however, I feel that WWE is sort of hinting at this feud taking place. DB was the last participant to be mentioned in this clip and, well, when Cole asked Hunter about Kane he seemed to brush it off quickly and act like he had nothing to do with it. I think Kane will interfere in the chamber and cause Bryan to be eliminated after a Chokeslam.

    This will boil over the next night on Raw and the stage will be set very quickly for Triple H vs. DB at Mania. What are your thoughts, concerns, or issues (if any) with this storyline?
  2. I'm all for it. It is the match that WWE has been building for since the build to Summerslam. Let's do it.
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  3. Very true. I'm all for it. I feel that if DB wins this match, it'll put him over big.
  4. It will be great. HHH is an all time GOAT heel, so the heat he can get against Bryan will be immense. I'll be rooting for HHH just because the DB marks will implode and I can laugh.
  5. Them having Orton vs Batista follow Hunter defeating Bryan sounds like something out of your dreams. :lol1:
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  6. lol I hate you right now. I love Triple, as I've stated in another thread: second fav of all time. I do feel, however, that he needs to let DB win this match. Triple H came off a big victory last year over Brock, he has nothing more to prove, and letting DB beat him with the "YES!" lock will only put him over more. go DB!
  7. oh god. Here is how it should play out for ultimate trolling:

    HHH goes over Bryan after Bryan hits every move on him. HHH breaks out of the yes lock. The kicks to the head. running knee. flying headbutt. yes lock again. then one pedigree and its over.

    then Boreton/Batista in the ultimate who gives a fuck match

    then you have Bork vs Taker in the main event. the crowd thinks this will salvage the night, but you have Bork break the streak/Taker's arm in 45 seconds.
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  8. Considering the desire for Bryan to be in the title match, this wouldn't be such a fan-friendly match.
  9. "wahhhhhhh but I want WWE to book the way I WANT it booked!" -IWC

    Beating HHH at Mania is a bigger deal than the WWE title.

    It goes Taker > HHH > Title
  10. I would rather see DB vs. HHH than Undertaker vs. DB so I'm pretty happy about this.
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  11. I agree with this, but in FriemasterFlex defense, if they make the WWE World title match between Orton and Batista the main event, like last match of the night, fans will boo this WrestleMania like crazy. If, in fact, it is Batista vs. Orton for the main event, they need to let another main event match such as Triple H vs. DB or Taker vs. Brock be the last match.

    Having Orton fight Batista in the last match is asking for a riot.
  12. Agreed. But, if they allow this match happen after the WWE World Title match, it wont be as bad.
  13. You want it booked the way you want, also. Everyone wants the WWE to book their shows the way THEY want.
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  14. Don't forget "Cena wins over Wyatt lol". Leave 30 minutes at the end for Taker/Lesnar to make sure the fans are excited, then 45 second deal and then Barrett can come out and say "Show's over everybody, see y'alll on Raw tomorrow night!".

    On-topic, if WWE is serious about wanting 'Mania to not suck a cock (doubt it), I still feel like the match needs a stipulation. Not because Bryan beating Hunter wouldn't be a big enough deal on it's own (it would be) but if Bryan's named #1 Contender then the fans would be interested in Boreton/Batista to see who Bryan faces next. There's BIG money in Bryan vs Batista after the Rumble imo.

    Also random side note, just saw Cesaro's win over Orton and Zeb's incredible reaction may have been better than Cesaro winning lol
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  15. I agree. I just feel that WWE is too stupid to realize the gold they have with potential storylines. It's mainly politics and a buddy system backstage.
  16. This goes without saying, but notice the 'bawwwwwwwww' part of my post, because DB fans seem to be a lot crankier about not getting their way than most.
  17. Imagine how you feel about Ziggler being held back all the time...it's really the same thing.....DB has clearly proven that he should be on top numerous times....insomuch, that he's transcending into other sports. The fans love him, he sells, and he's a hell of a model American. Yet, for the past 8 months he's ultimately screwed out of the title. Makes no sense.
  18. Most DB fans, yes. It's true.
  19. Yea, imagine how I would feel if DZ was getting held back... oh wait..

    DZ is ACTUALLY being held back, unlike DB who has been pushed a ton since Hell no broke up.
  20. Bryan wins chamber, goes to mania as champ against Batista, HHH screws Bryan over helps buddy Batista win title, Batista heel turn and at next ppv HHH v Bryan in DB's home state
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