DBZ Season 1 Free w/ XBox Live Gold

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  1. Between 3/4-3/10 X-Box Live Gold members will have the ability to use the X-Box Video app to buy Season 1 of Dragonball Z for free.
    39 Full Length Episodes of the Show for Free, I'll take it :emoji_slight_smile: Covers the Raditz fight and the Vegeta/Nappa on Earth feud with the Z-Fighters. I believe the final episode of the season is where they are on their way to go to Planet Namek.

    For Fans of the Show or people who have never seen it before but like anime (although I highly doubt that is even a case) this is a must have.


    Source: My X-Box Dashboard :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. :mog:

    I am abouta go on a DBZ marathon! :happy:
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  3. All other seasons are 30% off too, if I had a bunch of extra cash I'd be buying :emoji_slight_smile:
    My friends are telling me they put the original series of Pokemon from '97 on Netflix, that's always fun to kill.
  4. It has been YEARS since I watched Pokemon haha I use to watch it every morning before school.
  5. I was gonna post this yesterday as well, but apparently you can only watch it, not download.

    That happened when I tried.
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  6. Ahh, yeah that makes sense. So as long as X-Box Video is up and running you should be able to watch it and I mean it shouldn't go down for a decent bit :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. I'm just not gonna bother watching all the episodes when I can stream them online. That's just me though. If it were a download, I'd be on it. But it isn't, so I don't really care.
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