DBZ Thread (hell yeah!)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. I love DBZ. It has been one of my favorite shows since I was 12!
    I could watch all the episodes over and over again.
    I feel it deserves its own thread!
    SO! Discuss anything DBZ!

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  2. What is DBZ?
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    You... You don't know? :sad:

    Dragon Ball Z :sad1:
  4. Fuck 5 oh... I make my own rulezzzz suck my dragon balls betch call me goku. MGK - Wildboy. That was a quote of a song btw :smug:

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  6. Hahahahah! SUCK MY DRAGON BALLLLS! :lol1:
  7. My Bad man :upset:
  8. Anyways... I've never seen the show :maybe:
  9. kid Goku in Dragon Ball is my favorite character by far. Actually, Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Z :pity:

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  13. ^this

    Dragon Ball was more entertaining and developed characters better. Fights were better too because mostly everyone were at equal levels, no one was over powered and not everything was overdone. Dragon Ball Z just felt cooler, had more intense music, faster pace and cooler villains, but Dragon Ball had more intense close fights, more down to Earth characters, and so many other characteristics that made it great.
  14. Yeah, I love DBZ but Dragon Ball was just perfect. No filler, a lot funnier, you got to know the characters better and Goku was just so damn awesome.
  15. :haha: Goku is a pimp.
  16. Randy Savage is going to love this thread.
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  18. Actually, there was. Plenty in fact. For example, Emperor Pilaf's role in episodes 1-9 were completely filler as Pilaf doesn't appear in the manga until the story adapted in episode 10. You can definitely say it was handled better than in DBZ, which was atrocious at times. And of course it was funnier, DBZ wasn't intended to be funny [all-throughout] until the Buu Saga really.

    That said, I haven't seen all of Dragon Ball, just several episodes here and there, but I plan on getting around to watching it all soon. Will I like it better than DBZ, perhaps? But nostalgia goggles are strong when it comes to DBZ for me.

    Anyway, considering I've seen pretty much every DBZ thing ever, I'll briefly go over my thoughts on all of them because when I log of this I have to watch my animes and I'm really hating the final Kenshin arc and want to avoid watching it as long as possible.

    The Saiyan Saga ~ From a nostalgia stand-point, this was incredible. Episode one was like discovering Christ for me, my life was forever changed and I had just let a religion into my life known as DBZ. However, just like real religion, once you're no longer blinded, you start to realize it's compacted with a lot of shit. Granted, the Vegeta battle is still awesome and iconic as ever but man what a terrible story. Especially for those who haven't watched Dragon Ball, you get pretty much thrown into it. But back to the story, I mean seriously what a simplistic, bare, story. I mean it had it's fight(s), but like thinking back on it, what else was there. A story revolving around fights can be good, but if that's the only component that's strong then it fails as a narrative in my opinion. I guess I can credit it for the decently done Piccolo/Gohan development but those episodes kind of dragged (though were better to watch than those damn snake way ones) but that's it.

    The Namek Saga ~ Pretty good story here, for what it is. I love Frieza and his creation of his own demise in the vien of Greek tragedies, I love the backstory of the Saiyans and Vegata's development, I still think his death speech to Goku as the saddest moment in the series. I love the epic moment of Goku to Super Saiyan. What I don't love, is the filler. JeusOtaku has once said something along these lines "The worst crime Frieza ever committed was making us sit through nineteen episodes of his battle against Goku by refusing to die." That in a nutshell, is the main problem here. And while that was the worst of the offenders, this is a common thread that plagued the whole saga. Elongated fights from their manga counterparts aren't bad, Kenshin during the Kyoto arc performed this perfectly, and DBZ itself get's the hang of it eventually, but here it's just an unbearable at several points.

    The Android Saga ~ Not only is this the pinnacle of DBZ, but this is one of my favorite Shonen arcs period. I love this saga for so many reasons. One; Goku is taking out of the forefront, and I love Goku but this worked to it's advantage greatly. Two; development for characters were at an all-time high here. Gohan, Vegata, Trunks (granted it was his introduction but he's still one of the best characters to ever grace the show), Krillin, and a few others but those are the main ones. Three; the constant big bad swap. Thank god the editor didn't like when Akira Toriyama was doing because otherwise 19 & Gero would've been are big bads. That would've been awful. Four; Tien actually get's a crowning moment of awesome. Five; the episodes focusing on 17, 18, & 16 traveling in that pink van were some of my favorite episodes and really got me connected with those characters. Six; It includes three of my favorite fights in the series; Cell vs. Goku; Cell vs. Gohan; & Piccolo vs. 17. Do I need to say more? I just love this saga.

    The Other World Tournament ~ Just throwing this out there, fantastic filler arc. Goku vs. Pikkon is one of the best fights in the series.

    The Buu Saga ~ *Sigh* I hate this saga. Okay, I like parts of it. The Gohan/Videl thing was good (not the Great Saiyaman) for shonen at least; I liked the Bee/Hercules/Buu stuff (though I might not if I re-watched, nostalgia goggles and whatnot); Candy Vegito vs. Buuhan was hilarious; Majin Vegeta of course was incredible; and I liked that Kid Buu wasn't the strongest of all the Buu's and actually one of the weakest of the Buu's. But otherwise, Buu doesn't do it for me, and the saga goes downhill fast with his introduction (it was pretty good prior), the fusion concept isn't a plot point I'm a fan of, they completely killed being a Super Saiyan at this point, and pretty much anything I didn't mention I didn't like. Oh and the finale is fucking bullshit. I'm sorry, I hated it and no way am I going into detail as I'm getting lazy now.

    The Specials ~ There were three specials; Yo! Son Goku & Friends Return; Bardock: Father Of Goku; and History of Trunks. The first one hasn't been dubbed [yet], so I had to watch it subbed, and is mostly comedic but unlike some movies, this one actually succeeds for me. The latter two, are two of the best stories DBZ have ever produced. I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't seen them that liked DBZ. Off the top of my head, I'd probably say Trunks is better but it's pretty close.

    The Movies ~ Mostly forgettable entries here, some are alright even if they are just rehashes of a previous saga (Bojack), some I really enjoy even if it is just an hour long squash match (Broly), and some are terrible, you know the drill. I want to give a shout out real quick to two movies that go so far beyond terrible that you'll start to think Dragon Ball GT is the magnum opus of the Dragon Ball series by comparison. The two sequel Broly movies are complete piles of garbage that the only way I could get through watching it without reverting to self-mutilation was to go Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on their asses with my brother. Even then, it was tough to get through them. They are bottom of the barrel, avoid them. At all cost.

    Oh, and almost forgot, the Goku/Piccolo driving episode was awesome!
  19. Okay, there is some filler but it's pretty entertaining from what I remember. Might have to re-watch.
    Also, one thing about DBZ that gets annoying is that is has a lot of #WWE(type)logic.

    Still, one of my favorite shows ever.
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