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Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Since it's getting close to 12:30 and I'm getting tired this will be a fairly simple review.

    Opening Segment: Undertaker returns and signals he will wrestle at WM. CM Punk, Sheamus, Orton and Big Show come out to put their names into a hat (not literally obviously) to wrestle Undertaker at mania. A fatal 4 way match is set up for later. CM Punk was good here and besides a small Sheamus error everything seemed to go fine. 7/10

    Ryback Vs Antonio Cesaro: It was a pretty good match that I actually thought Cesaro was gonna win after the awesome Meathook clothesline counter into an uppercut but it wasn't meant to be as Ryback still won. I'm disappointed Cesaro lost but it was still fairly decent. 7/10

    Mark Henry Vs Zack 'The whiner' Ryder: Immediately after Ryback won, Mark Henry came out and stared down Ryback. They both went their seperate ways and Mark Henry squashed Ryder (in more ways than one).

    Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz: To me, match of the night and surprise result of the night. Even after Miz had announced Ric Flair would be his manager for the night I did not think Miz would win. As soon as Miz kicked Big E and Ziggler rolled up Miz, I thought that was it but no it was not as Miz would kick out and lock Ziggler in the Figure 4 for the win. While most people hate that Ziggler lost, I was happy Miz won a big time match. He is starting to get over and a win over Ziggler is a good way to keep going. Miz's figure 4 has improved heaps and I would love to see a feud for these 2 down the line for the WHC.

    The Rock and Cena segment: I'm not gonna lie, I skipped this. I can't stand either guy although I'm not a hater. I just find them boring. I heard it was good though so I'll try to go back and watch it soon.

    Jack Swagger Vs Jim Duggan: Pointless match used just to get some heat on Swagger. If they were also trying to make him look tough it didn't really work. I like Swagger's gimmick but after his DUI that could have killed someone (it's happened to a family member) I just don't really like him anymore. I was actually mad that he didn't get in trouble.

    Team Hell No Vs PTP: I honestly have no idea what WWE is doing with either team. Hell No got the win after a few minutes and I don't recall them having any arguments at all. PTP just beat Hell No on Smackdown so I thought this should have been a title match at least. Oh well, I found the ending funny how Ted Dibiase Sr (Was at ringside with PTP) Put a $100 note in D-Youngs mouth only for Bryan to sneak back out and take it after.

    Meaningless tag match: I found this meaningless with a Honkey Tonk Man appearance.

    FaaanDaaaanGoooo: He didn't debut but he cut a promo. It wasn't perfect but it's good to build a connection to the crowd before he comes out to wrestle I guess. Also if he starts now he'll get lost in the WM shuffle. Best to wait til after WM.

    HHH Promo: Good promo from HHH basically setting up a match with Brock Lesnar at WM.

    Del Rio Vs Wade Barrett: A good match that shouldn't end with Wade Barrett losing by submission. He's meant to be a bare knuckle brawler. They're tough, they don't tap when someone tugs on their arm. Wade Barrett should be built as a badass heel but anyway, it was a good 5 or so minute match.

    New Age Outlaws Vs Primo and Epico: A squash match for a feel good moment. It was a pretty awesome moment have NAO back considering I only started watching in 2007 so I missed them in their prime. Anyway, hopefully they stick around through Wrestlemania season. Maybe a feud with Rhode Scholars?

    Fatal 4 way match: A pretty decent 10 or so minute match that ended with all mean hitting their finishers and CM Punk being the last man so he got the pin on Orton. Punk Vs Undertaker should be a good match. We've seen it before in 09 and they weren't great but Punk wasn't the man back then that he is now.

    Anyway a pretty good RAW that had quite a horrible crowd in my opinion. Seriously, the crowd sucked. Anyway, hopes yous enjoyed reading. Like or rep or praise or criticize. It's up to you. Adios.
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