News DDP comments on our favouite goat faced hero

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Once again Dally nails it!
  2. Made the same comparison as I did. He is very Eddie Guerrero-ish and the other guy who I'm not sure was ever a WWE wrestler.
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  3. I always liked DDP and the two he mentioned. If he's signing on for Bryan it's for a good reason and not just hype.
  4. I've always made the Eddie Guererro/Chris Benoit comparisons as well - guys told they would never make it big in WWF/E because of their size but they prevailed and made it to the top (albeit briefly) anyway. Benoit and Eddie hugging each other while being the two reigning world champions of the company at the end of Wrestlemania XX was one of the best moments in modern wrestling history.

    We'll probably be in a similarly ironic situation soon when Punk returns and turns baby face, no doubt creating a scenario where he and Daniel Bryan - two former ROH guys - are officially the two most popular guys in WWE. A good day to be a smark, I guess.
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  5. I just hope they don't try and recreate the Eddie / Benoit moment with these two. Just for my personal erection the only two who could do that with Punk would be Aries (him jobbing to Punk gave him his platform) or Joe who gave him the ladder to get to that platform.
  6. Now we know what Benoit and Eddie did after Wrestlemania 20 :mog:
  7. IMO not as credible as Jericho, and Edge giving him praise ( respect them as wrestlers a little more) but still awesome. DDP is a really good human being though, and i'm not taking anything away from that.
  8. BTW we've all been saying he is a smaller more technical wrestler. We all see it, and have said it about DB. Good comparions but nothing we didn't already know.
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