DDP taking in another lost soul

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Saint fucking Dallas Paige.

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  2. Wow, look at Jake, what an improvement! If he can do even half to Hall what he's done with Roberts, he might be alright.
  3. Jake is reportedly the healthiest he's been in 20 fricking years.
  4. DDP & Jake The Snake Reach Out To An Old Friend Scott Hall

    Great video but quite emotional.
  5. Stop you know what happened with Scott Hall when DDp reached out to him?
  6. He's apparently moving in with DDP and Roberts. Paige is gonna help him sober up and get back in shape. Roberts has been sober four about 6 months now and is in his best physical shape since 1991 or something like that.

  7. Hopefully Hall sees similar results
  8. Yeah. First step i my opinion is get him sober and motivated.
  9. Man that's awesome.

    Hope they get him on track for good now. But still, it's Hall. He's been through it several times and got back into it.

    Hope DDP and Jake can make the change for him. Very emotional video.
  10. Hopefully he goes, looks like he's getting a some other support.

  11. Here's the second part of the video. Seems like Scott is really motivated.
  12. Damn. That's fucking awesome. Definitely rooting for the medium sized guy to turn things around.
  13. It would be great to see DDP help Hall sober up just to see the look on Nash's face. Nash went on a twitter tirade about how DDP can't help Hall and how Hall needs detox, not yoga. Considering who DDP worked on before Hall one would think he knows they need detox. Since Jake was popping bottles before Ramon was out of diapers basically.

    Rooting for Hall and Jake.
  14. Now this is just a stupid post. You really think Nash would be bitter if DDP helped Hall? Just because he didn't think it would work? Nash would be ecstatic for Hall to get better with or without DDP's help.

    Really silly perspective there Stop. Just because you are critical of something and aren't sure it will work doesn't mean you won't be pleased to find out you were mistaken.
  15. Also Hall is 3 years younger than Roberts.
  16. Nash backtracked on Twitter following the negative response to his original comments. He came off as an idiot IMO, he even realized what he said came off as douchey.
  17. I agree that he was being pretty condescending with his tweets, but does that really make you think he hopes DDP fails with Hall as Stopspot was implying?

    Just because Nash did a poor job of expressing how he was feeling and it came off wrong doesn't mean he is suddenly some soulless devil who wants Scott Hall to die and if he gets better Nash will be upset that he was wrong about DDP's get better camp. That is just :cornette: worthy

    You guys also have to remember that Hall's close friends ie Nash, HHH, ect have been trying to help him out for 20 years. So if they seem skeptical that DDP will just ride in on a white stallion and save the day, please forgive them.
  18. What's their idea of helping? Sending him to multiple rehab centres? Obviously those and places haven't worked. It's in his best interests to try something different with people around him who know what he's been through. If my close friend was in dire straits like that, I would try anything to get him better, not put it down. I know he won't be upset if it works, but why not give it the benefit of the doubt before trashing it. Especially after seeing what has happened with a previous "lost cause" like Jake Roberts.
  19. UPDATE:
    The pic:
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    Here's hoping for good things for the bad guy.
  20. Not to take away from Scott but Roberts looks great.