DDP wants into Hall of Fame.

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  1. In a interview with Sports town Chicago. DDP makes his interests clear of wanting to someday be inducted into the WWE Hall of fame. Personally, I think it would be great to see DDP in the HOF and that he deserves it. It would also be fitting to have him be inducted before WM29 in New Jersey, him being a Jersey native and all.

    DDP was one of the most over wrestlers in the 90's and his trilogy of fights with Macho Man Randy Savage and his match with Hollywood Hogan at Road Wild 98 are some of the best matches in WCW history.

    DDP had the following to say about being inducted.
    More can be read here.
  2. He should be inducted as the guy was epic his WWE stint was dire at times but not his fault just creative giving him some bad gimmicks and storylines! DDP though as a wrestler was one of the best and considering he didn't start his career till quite late on in his life he did a lot in a short space of time!
  3. He deserves it. It was actually quite a stint to go from manager to wrestler and accomplish so much in such short time.
  4. Until he buddies up with Vince it ain't happening any time soon.
  5. I dont even thnk new fans today will even know DDP. Also anyone remember that storyline of him stalking Undertaker's wife Sara who now is his ex wife. That was a creepy storyline
  6. Yeah, but that's not a bad thing. It's a... wait. It is a bad thing and killed his run in WWE, which could have been great. Stupid creative.
  7. Do the new fans know who Yokozuna is? Cowboy Bob Orton? Ron Simmons? The answer is no. Most new/modern fans don't know who these three are but all three of them are hall of famers. The WWE's HOF isn't like the NFL's. To get into the WWE's HOF you have to be on positive note with WWE management and Vince McMahon. Something DDP is. That storyline if any shows that he deserves to be in Vinces good graces. He was originally scheduled to feud with the Rock instead but creative came up with the stalker idea instead. Something both Vince and DDP where iffy about but DDP did it anyways cause he just wanted to entertain the fans. He's a company man.
  8. Fans don't really know a lot of Hall of Famers, Mil Mascaras, for example. And if DDP had Vince by his side and still accepted the stupid stalker storyline, I'm 100% sure he will be in the HoF at some point.
  9. The HoF is literally Vince's facebook friends.
  10. He deserves to go in but as he says not before some other names.
  11. Might as well put him in. I loved him back in WCW, especially with how Hall and Nash would approach him at least a few times and offer him a spot into the NWO, only for him to turn their handshake into a Diamond Cutter.
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