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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Shadow, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. Source: MTV
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  2. Source should be this forum mofo! We usually just put things like this in the General Marvel Cinematic Universe thread.. being as there's so many Marvel movies that are getting the go ahead now.. like Doctor Strange also set to drop in 2016.

    I'm excited yet kind of worried about it.. the whole not being able to do a Rated R script for this Deadpool movie and then Sony's Venom/Carnage movie is disappointing as far as how they could make it completely bad ass and a great adaptation from the comics.
  3. *insert care cup*
  4. It's weird that Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds play two different superheroes in two different franchises. Is Hollywood that devoid of talent?
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  5. Don't forget Ben Affleck.
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  6. :ohgod: don't remind me.
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  7. Suh-weet. @GrammarNazi82 - you see this? They will be missing out if they don't make it rated R though. That test footage is awesome but with the way Deadpool really is he kind of needs the R rating to fully shine. I mean, has anyone played the recent Deadpool game? They got a lot of the Deadpool character right in that (even if the gameplay sucks).
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  8. I did! :yay: Very excited. I do hope they don't water down the Deadpool character though. Want them to do him justice after all this time.
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  9. Confirmed PG-13 guys.
  10. Figured as much with it being Fox, and know that will hinder the ability to really stick to the character, but still hoping they don't water him down "too" much. Despite the rating they need to toe that line while keeping as true to the character as possible within that constraint.
  11. :facepalm: can we adults have nothing?!?!!
  12. Yes! Deadpool is all tits, ass and gore. PG13 ruins all that.
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  13. How is he supposed to KILL anybody in a PG-13 movie? Just stupid. Excitement destroyed. \_/
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  14. I hate it, but at least PG-13 will still allow for some violence, nudity and drug use. Plus it means my nephew can watch it, so I'll just choose to be happy for him about that. :otunga:
  15. Fox makes it PG-13 so it gets more money, plus, he can kill people... just can't be gory.

    He just can't say Fuck. He can say bitch though.
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  16. Deadpool can have: bitches in hot bikinis, no nudity though but we don't need that.

    The kids are gonna wanna watch this movie.
  17. PG-13 allows for minor nudity in nonsexual situations. I just imagine they won't have that in this movie.
  18. Still dumb
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  19. Technically he can say fuck one time.
  20. It better be 'Oh fuck me'
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