Deadpool - The game new trailer.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by seabs, May 26, 2013.

  1. Ok it's from 20 days ago but screw you.


    The game looks to be random fun but how great is the character?
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  2. That looks absolutely incredible.
  3. IKR, the random shit in it looks great. It won't have a great story but the randomness will be great, plus he breaks kayfabe like a champ and it's highly rated by his mum.
  4. Game will probably be good but I am not as sold on the Deadpool character like most seem to be. He seems like such an excuse for Marvel writers to do odd, nutty and random with god mode mixed in.
  5. :haha: Deadpool is always fucking something up randomly. Might get the game.
  6. Not impressed much at all.
  7. This game reminds me of The Punisher game back on PS2....I fucking loved that game. I am a huge fan of Deadpool that is why my bio is usually from him. I have this game pre-ordered and paid off. Hopefully this game ends up great.
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