News Dean Ambrose And Bray Wyatt Appear After RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Well, screw you, WWE! You decided not to air the only feud on the show which is interesting and actually makes some sense? Wow. Why am I surprised? lol
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  2. I don't really see how they can keep this feud going till the Rumble. "Oh, I would've won if the TV didn't blow up in my face!" I kinda hope that it'll just end after Tribute to the Troops, but there's really nothing else for the two to do right now.
  3. I can see 'em going into the Rumble with this feud, to be honest. Personally, I absolutely love Ambrose and Wyatt and I've really loved this feud from the start.

    But that ending at TLC was just cheesy. They could've come up with something better. While I would like for this feud to go into the Rumble, I would also like it if Ambrose was in the actual Rumble match... And won. :yay:

    But I guess they'll just go with little Cena 2.0 and let him win the Rumble. Oh well...
  4. I wouldn't say it's the only feud that's interesting right now, but I agree that they should've booked these two in a segment of some sort at Raw. Maybe, in their mind, they didn't do it to sell the pain that they sustained in that match. The dumb thing to this, however, is that they ARE advertised on today's Super SmackDown which is one day after Raw. Really weird move on the part of WWE.

    It's not like WWE continues to make the dumbest mistakes ever. It's not like WWE is ran by little 5-year old *****s from Kenya. If you hate the company and hate the product, don't take the time to watch it.
  5. SmackDown is a shit show anyway, but having Ambrose/Wyatt there is gonna make it watchable.

    Who says I hate the company and the product? It hasn't been the best as of late, so forgive me for criticizing it and wanting it to get better.
  6. The thing is, I haven't heard you talking good about anything they've done. ever. I just thought you were more of a ''I HATE WWE'' mark
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    LOL. Well, you obviously haven't heard well or you must've been skipping my posts.

    Check out the NXT section if you think I hate the WWE.

    You'll find me talking shit about SmackDown only. 'cause it's really THAT bad of a show. When it comes to SD, they're just like 'LOL, it's SD, who gives a shit what happens there.'
    But I really wanna care about that show, it used to be so good. Nowadays, it's so cringe-worthy.

    I'm usually positive about RAW and the PPV's, but not this time. The build-up to TLC and the PPV itself were lacklusters. The product just hasn't been good post-Survivor Series.
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  8. I'm not the most active guy on this site, so I haven't seen all of your posts ofcourse. But everything I read from you about the WWE is negative. Must've been in the wrong.
  9. I can't say I like something when I actually don't. Plus, I'm not the only guy on here saying negative things about the product... And it's not like it's sacrilege when you say negative things about the WWE.

    So, I haven't really been into the product post-Survivor Series, they just dropped the ball from there on. But I keep watching 'cause I have hopes it's gonna get better.
  10. It's not like saying negative things is terrible, but when I only see negative shit, I kinda scratch my head asking myself why the fuck would he watch the shows if he hates it? But if you say that you don't, you don't. I do agree that the product has been shit after Survivor Series, though.
  11. If I didn't watch 'em first, I wouldn't be able to say positive/negative stuff about it. I don't just go and say like 'WWE is shit' without watching the product, and there are a lot of people who do that.

    I am not that guy. I watch the product 'cause I'm still a fan of this business. Hell, I would've stopped watching it since Survivor Series if I really hated everything about WWE, but nah, I still have hopes they'll improve the product. I know they can.

    Glad we agree that the product's sucked after Survivor Series, though.

  12. I disagree. This is a feud people seem to enjoy, so they ought to strike while the iron his hot and milk it.
    They're young and have extremely bright futures and neither is necessarily bringing the other one down by any stretch.
    It's rare to have this type of dynamic so early and yet so low on the card.
    This reminds me of early Rock/HHH from 1998 in that neither star is 'there' yet, but clearly would be within the next year or two.
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